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“Will we get any food on this flight?”. Assuring my wife that airlines barely serve beverages on most 1 hour flights, let alone food – we grabbed some pre flight snacks in the terminal before heading onboard our Luxair flight. That was the first mistake!

After a timely and uneventful boarding process our plane was roaring into the skies above London bound for Luxembourg. Little did we know – the airline was about to wow us, and we were only flying economy.

a plane flying in the skyWho Is Luxair?

Flights to Luxembourg may be a bit niche, but Luxair offers connectivity between more than 24 European and Mediterranean cities. The airline flies a fleet of Boeing 737 and BombardierQ400 small to midsize aircraft.

Free Bag

All Luxair fares included a complimentary checked bag. This may not be a game changer, given that many of their flights are short haul within Europe – but it’s the peace of mind which really makes this gesture special. Somehow, their prices remain competitive while still offering this passenger convenience. Fares start at just €79 round trip.

a bottle of champagne and a sandwich on a tableWhat’s Special?

As we reached our cruising altitude on the 55 minute flight to Luxembourg – the cabin crew took to the aisle. Utterly dumbfounded, we were offered a choice of homemade sandwich. Now – we’re not much for plane food in any cabin, but these sandwiches were delightful and made with care. But when they offered the Brut, that was too much.

Brut For All

We’ve long said that airlines should brand themselves highlighting the best of their home. British Airways should offer free tea, etc. But who knew Luxembourg does great Brut? Known as cremant the airline proudly serves it’s native sparkling alcoholic beverage on a complimentary basis to economy passengers – and it was delicious. Yes – the airline not only feeds passengers on 50 minute flights, but also plies them with Brut or beer too.

Fine Touches

It was the personality and delivery of the service that made this flight so memorable. The crew were happy to serve, offered to top off beverages (they do decent coffee too) and kept a genuinely joyous demeanor throughout the short flight. M. Munoz who took care of us may have been one of the best cabin crew members we’ve seen in the air. Needless to say – we’ll be back.

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  1. Perhaps an internship for Mr Cruz from Bloomin Awful?~
    Alternatively, can they be given a few of the Heathrow slots?

  2. I love the more boutique airlines that offer a bit more with a bit of personality too. I like Porter and Bangkok Airways for the same reason.

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