a plane flying in the sky

For countries which believe in the vaccines they told their citizens to believe in, and have opened travel accordingly, travel demand has been instantaneous.

Put it this way: if a great destination is open and doesn’t require quarantine, you can hardly build a plane large enough to keep up with the demand.

Accordingly, Lufthansa is offering a borderline priceless opportunity to fly within Europe. The airline will fly its fleet of Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A350 jets to European destinations this summer, to places experiencing the greatest demand.

a plane flying in the sky

Lufthansa Flying 747 ‘Queen Of The Skies’ In Europe

Lufthansa will fly wide-body, long haul planes within Europe this summer, to cope with almost unprecedented travel demand. After more than a year locked down, people want to get back out into the world again.

From mid-July through mid-August, Lufthansa will fly the 747-8 to Mallorca on weekends, even offering first class for select travelers who book business class, and premium economy for select economy bookings. It’ll absolutely be a Euro business class standard of service, but the big beds and 3 windows are swoon worthy!

Lufthansa will also fly the newest and most modern plane in its fleet, the Airbus A350, on European services this summer. If demand continues to pick up, it’s expected both wide body planes may find themselves slotted into more cities.

The A350 is slated to fly to Mallorca for summer services, so in both cases, it’s best to check Google Flights or Lufthansa.com for the aircraft type before booking your flight! It’ll certainly be more comfortable in any seat, than a short haul plane.

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A Rare Opportunity For #Avgeeks!

Wide body planes were once a fixture of short haul routes, but haven’t been for decades. Airlines have moved to smaller, fuel efficient aircraft, and have prioritized many daily flights over just one, on a large plane.

The Boeing 747 is rapidly making its way toward retirement, with even British Airways parting ways with its 747 fleet during the pandemic. For travelers who don’t have the time, budget or flexibility for a long haul trip in their near future, this is a rare chance to experience a long haul aircraft within Europe!

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  1. The life of modern jets is very limited compared to first generation airliners !
    Once an aircraft is 20 yrs old or has 60k hours they seem increasingly likely to be pensioned off as their parts are worth more than the whole unit on the used aircraft market !

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