There is nothing worse in the travel world than taking a flight without earning miles. Flying involves stripping, standing, sitting and being subjected to just about every annoyance under the sun. The silver lining of flight comes in earning that ever so precious free flight or upgrade for all of your hard hours on board. Missed earning miles? Fret not, there may be a solution.

If you have ever missed out on receiving miles for a flight you are not alone. There are a million reasons that people miss out on miles and in my professional opinion nearly all boil down to laziness. If you have for any reason forgotten to collect miles I implore you to see if you are still eligible to receive them retroactively. If for example you took a flight two weeks ago and were not even registered for a frequent flier program, you can register today and enter your ticket information online and your brand new account will be credited with your old miles! Brilliant! If you had a frequent flier account and simply forgot to add your information most airlines allow up to 9 months to enter your ticket information online and receive credit for those past flights.

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Earning mileage is as simple as signing up for the free mileage program of the airline you are flying (or your favorite airline in their alliance), entering your mileage account number either in booking or check in and sitting back for your flight and watching the miles add up. There are tons of ways to collect miles other than flying but it is a sin to miss out on the ones you earned with your butt in a seat. Imagine if you could go back in time and add all the miles you’ve flown into your current account……

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