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Nobody said it was easy – Coldplay.

In the immortal words of Coldplay – nobody said it was easy. Unlike the reprise of that singable phrase, this isn’t actually all that hard. Saying you’ve experienced the world’s longest flight on the world’s most advanced plane is cool. Even people who don’t like planes the way you inevitably do are fascinated by the concept of 19 hours in the air. If you’re going to spend 19 hours in the air, business class with meals designed by wellness gurus is no doubt the best way, and there’s a funny opportunity to enjoy it all for $1200. You just need to get to India.

a plane flying in the skyThe Where

There’s an exceptionally good flight deal available for travel that starts in Ahmadabad, India. Yes, for most of the world that means you’ll need to use points or a cheap flight to get there, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with the most cost efficient way to sample the worlds longest flight without using points. India is a must do trip anyway, so if you were considering it, this could be a really fun add on. Singapore business class is stunning, and this is the A350-900ULR we’re talking about here…

a group of trees with lights at nightThe How

Singapore Airlines has a one way ticket from Ahmadabad to New York for $1200 one way in business class. One way international deals are rare, and this one is particularly good. To put this into perspective it’s at least 3x cheaper than your next best option, and realistically – more like 5x. The fare is easily bookable using Google Flights, and here’s an example. Unlike when you use miles, you’ll actually earn a ton of miles from this flight.

a bed and chairs in a planeWorth It?

India is one of the most worthwhile destinations to visit. You get the culture, cuisine and if you’re smart, some incredible viewpoints. There’s nothing like sitting atop the Himalayas, or seeing the coffee plantations of the Southern parts of the country, or even just walking along Marine Drive in Mumbai. The buzzy city of Ahmadabad sits in between Delhi and Mumbai, and is an easy direct flight from most Indian gateways. Basically, if you were planning to visit India, this is a heck of a way to extend the trip. There’s even a nice long connection in Singapore with plenty of time to explore the city. It does have 3 of the world’s 15 best bars after all…


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  1. Funny that you write about this deal but not the better BA deal with first class in both directions for much less! Your tweet about it did not even mention BA. I guess you are just too cozy with BA to write about such fares.

    1. Yes, you’ve cracked it. I am so cozy with BA, i’d hate for anyone to take advantage of one of their fares, like the last fare WHEN I WAS THE ONLY BLOG that covered the deal in time to book for Penang. That was a BA deal. Move on…

  2. Yes indeed it’s a good deal and have been around for a couple of months. I booked it 3 days ago.
    I will fly CPH-SVO-DEL on Aeroflot in J (only 830 USD one way ) then make a visit to Agra and Taj Mahal. Then on to Ahmadabad and from New York i am cashing in some Norwegian Cash Points for a Premium ticket back home to CPH.
    RTW trip in premium cabins on the cheap 🙂

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