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The big thing about hotel loyalty perks– is that they’re designed to keep you from going elsewhere. I mean, who would turn down a free breakfast, better room and late check out in favor of a place where none of that is free? Thanks to a crazy competitive hotel loyalty environment, you can take your perks around the block, garnering status with other hotel chains- for free- without losing your current status.

a pool with tables and chairs in front of itClub Carlson Is Offering Easy Status Matches…

Club Carlson, the group behind Radisson, and the new high end Quorvus collection is again, openly offering a one time status match to anyone with elite status from a competing hotel chain. Wondering if your status is eligible? The match is available to anyone with current elite status from: Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, Intercontinental (IHG), Accor, Melia, Jumeirah, Azimut or Choice Hotels. You’ll retain all your current benefits with your present chain, but pick up a great status and benefits at more hotels. The status could even outlast your present status…

a room with a bed and a bathtubWhat The Match Will Get You, And Why You Should Do It…

Club Carlson is matching top tier guests from other chains to their Gold level- which offers room upgrades, early check in, late check out, in room welcome gift and a 15% food and beverage discount at hotel restaurants, amongst other things. The benefits aren’t too crazy, but are definitely meaningful. A main reason to match however is that the status could theoretically be used to help you gain another status, if the next match opportunity is taking Club Carlson status- but not your present.

a couch with a floral pattern and a view of the water from a windowHow To Complete The Match And Pick Up Club Carlson Elite Status…

First things first- grab a recent membership statement from your current elite status, and make a scan or digital copy of your current membership card. Send an email to: StatusMatch@CarlsonRezidor.com, with your (polite) request to match to their highest matchable status. Reports confirm that the chain responds fairly promptly (within 3 days) to grant the newly minted status. It’s a great hotel chain, and having another status never hurts- for quite a variety of reasons…

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have no idea what this sentence means:

    “A main reason to match however is that the status could theoretically be used to help you gain another status, if the next match opportunity is taking Club Carlson status- but not your present.”

    1. Hey Gavin, Sorry, very poorly worded. Essentially- it means: some future status matches may not be offering matches to…say… Marriott members, but they would match Club Carlson. For this reason having more statuses to draw from is beneficial.

  2. Your title is seriously misleading. You can match status, but they cannot match elite benefits. Club Carlson’s “gold” status does not even come remotely close to matching the elite benefits enjoyed by a Hilton or Marriott Gold elite.

    In fact, it is as useless as a Best Western or Wyndham “Gold” status.

    1. I disagree. I have spent 45 days in Club Carlson hotels this year and as a gold member have received an upgrade to a suite on every booking. Honors diamond status doesn’t even get me a nod at the check in desk. Marriott gold is basically useless for any type of benefits.

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