Las Vegas Hotel Luxury - View from Crockfords Las Vegas (Resorts World Las Vegas)
The View From Resorts World Las Vegas (Crockfords Las Vegas)

Las Vegas is generally cited as the city in the United States with the most hotel rooms, with more than 150,000 available to visitors.

And while it seems like every property advertises itself as “luxury,” there are only a few that are truly outstanding examples of Las Vegas Hotel Luxury. Everything should be over the top.

Even though there are a huge number of “stunning suites” in Las Vegas, I am not just talking about oversized rooms or gold trimmings. True luxury is something far more complete and cohesive.

And if you want to book one of these, some angles will get you nothing, while others quite literally open up doors. Here’s how to make the most of Las Vegas luxury travel, in case you’re into that kind of thing!

Las Vegas Hotel Luxury

Don’t want to wait in a 30-minute rope line on a Friday to check in? No problem; these all have private entrances.

And if you want to be able to relax quietly by the pool, you’ll like these choices. They all have private pools exclusively for their guests. And they’re all boutiques or “hotels within a hotel.” It’s impossible to give personalized service in a hotel with 3,000 (or more) rooms.

Our Main Criteria For Properties – Las Vegas Hotel Luxury

  • High Service Standards
  • Small Number of Keys (Rooms)
  • Private (dedicated open 24 hours) Check-In Experience
  • Separate Lobby and Porte-Cochère
  • Private Pool
  • 24 Hour Room Service (full-service in-room dining)

These properties all offer incredible accommodations for far less than they would cost in any other large American city. Why?

Because the city generates half of its revenue from gambling. They’re happy to sell their rooms to people with the money to pay for them in the hopes that those people will also drop money at the tables. But if you’re not a gambler, or a low-roller, you’ll be a step ahead. None of these rooms are cheap, but if you’re looking for a truly special option, they’re absolutely worth it.*

Four Seasons Las Vegas - suite office space
Photo Credit: TravelZork Travel – Four Seasons Las Vegas – Suite Office Area

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Might as well start with the classic. The Four Seasons is one of the few major luxury “chains” that will show up on this list, but it’s one that manages to set itself apart.

The Four Seasons Las Vegas is actually located on the top floors of the Mandalay Bay hotel, but you’ll never know it. It offers its porte-cochère and private elevators from the lobby to rooms and suites, which are 35 floors up.

It offers all the standard amenities of a typical Four Seasons, along with a few extras, such as incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip. There is also a “secret” door to Mandalay Bay, so you can capture some casino action if you desire.

The hotel also has its own private pool. The last time I was there, I was the only guest poolside. The attendant was fantastic and had a sixth sense that told her when I wanted to chat and when I just needed to be left alone to read my book and dream of moving into the hotel. Ok, I was really dreaming of a 1.5-hour roll at the craps table, but who is keeping track?

Great Pool Options – Ability To Avoid A Casino

Guests from Mandalay Bay did try to enter, but they were politely turned away. Four Seasons guests, however, can use any of the Mandalay Bay pools, including The Beach and a lazy river.

It almost seems unfair. Almost. (But, this also makes Four Seasons the #1 choice for families.) You can completely avoid entering a casino area at Four Seasons Las Vegas, which is difficult to do at the other three properties we profile.

Four Seasons Las Vegas - suite bedroom
Four Seasons Las Vegas – Suite Bedroom

Las Vegas is a seasonal, leisure market, so the cheapest rates tend to show up in the off-seasons (June-August, December-February), as well as mid-week. I’ve seen prices as low as about $300++ per night, which is less than half of what you’d pay at a comparable Four Seasons pretty much anywhere else.

Four Seasons Preferred Partner

If you book through a preferred partner travel agent (TravelZork is one Four Seasons Preferred Partner Option, but you may have your own.), you’ll receive additional amenities. They include:

  • A complimentary full breakfast for two, which you can take at the restaurant or through in-room dining.
  • A $100 resort credit (more for suites)
  • A one-category upgrade, if available at check-in
  • Early check-in or late check-out, if available

One of the best features of Four Seasons Preferred Partner is the breakfast benefit is applicable for room service (in-room dining). This is a huge perk in Vegas when you just might not feel human enough at 11 am to walk (stumble) down to the restaurant.

You’ll also want to make a note of the fact that there is only valet parking at FS Las Vegas, and if you want to self-park, you will have to park at Mandalay Bay.

a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas
Private pool for the MGM Aria Sky Suites

Mid-Strip at the Aria Sky Suites

Most visitors to Las Vegas know the MGM Aria hotel, the 4,000-room behemoth near the City Center complex. Fewer, though, are aware of the Aria Sky Suites, the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Star boutique “hotel within a hotel.”

Because of MGM’s relationship with Hyatt, you can earn World of Hyatt reward points during your stay.

My good friend Michael F. is quite a fan of Sky Suites. His thoughts mostly align with my views of the property, except that I have never stayed at Sky Suites. While I am a huge fan of the MGM Rewards Loyalty Program, I still need to focus more on MGM Resorts Luxury Properties since there are some amazing venues. This includes Bellagio, with its newly renovated room product. In addition, some properties, like MGM SKYLOFTS, are super bougie and did not exactly fit into my criteria for this article.

Also, remember, MGM Rewards Gold and above now get waived resort fees at MGM Properties in Las Vegas. (You can also match your World Of Hyatt Status seamlessly to MGM Rewards Status!)

The experience starts before you even check in. You’ll receive a complimentary limousine (or equivalent) transfer from the airport to a private entrance, where a bellman will escort you to the check-in lounge.

The lounge also doubles as the location for a complimentary continental breakfast, as well as free non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. People-watching from the lounge is fantastic. The last time my friend was here, the Golden State Warriors were also staying at the hotel. The time before that, Shaquille O’Neal came through.

It’s unfair to refer to a “room” in the Sky Suites since every one of them is a suite, the smallest of which is 1,050 square feet. The bedroom and living room are meticulously appointed, while the huge bathroom has a deep sinking tub and a shower big enough to house a small army (Technically, I didn’t test that last one.).

The Sky Pool is the private pool for Sky Suite guests (who can use the other pools, as well), and the staff was diligent about ensuring that only Sky Suite guests could get in. Once inside, you’ll have access to thickly padded chairs, umbrellas, and, of course, food & drink service.

Rates start at about $600++ per night midweek, which, given what you receive, is a bargain. And your trip will always end well, with complimentary transportation back to the airport.

Tower Suites at Wynn — The OG of Las Vegas Luxury

Few people have ever reinvented a city the way that Steve Wynn did with Las Vegas. When he built Mirage, it was supposed to be a massive failure. Instead, it opened the door for an unstoppable wave of building, turning casinos into themed mega-resorts.

Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005 and has all the hallmarks of a Steve Wynn property, from the Chihuly Glass exhibit in the lobby to the upscale restaurants and shopping.

Within the Wynn Hotel is an exclusive area for the Wynn Tower Suites. The Suites were always one of the top high-end products in Las Vegas but, after a 2022 renovation Wynn, now also represent the newest one, as well. I personally love the renovation, but a few have “complained” that the rooms seem a bit too masculine.

TravelZork provided a comprehensive overview of the new room product as well as some details about the Encore Las Vegas Resort.

Fun fact, Wynn Tower Suites rooms are basically the same as the Wynn Resort Rooms, except they are in a segregated section of the tower and accessible by a private elevator bank from the Wynn Tower Suites Lobby. All suites are in the Wynn Tower Suites side of the Wynn Hotel Tower.

Yes, it is called Tower “Suites,” but the base room is still a hotel room, not a suite.

Wynn Las Vegas glassware in the room
Yes, you should judge the quality of a hotel room by the quality of its glassware!

Wynn Tower Suites also has a separate concierge staff and some of the best in the business. Let them help plan your perfect Vegas vacation. Also, let them book your an amazing clean shave, massage, or pedicure. The Wynn Spa and Salon are just moments away and accessible directly by the Wynn Tower Suites Elevators.

Amenities are what you would expect from a Wynn luxury room. The exclusive entrance for the Tower Suites take care of one of the few problems at the main hotel, which is long check-in lines.

Rooms are large, at 640-square feet, and include a newly updated bathroom and four-poster beds in addition to other amenities.

There are a lot of personal touches, ranging from the new artwork to the morning coffee and tea service. If you want to sleep late, you can use your $50 daily breakfast credit at select restaurants until noon. And if you just feel like relaxing, you can grab a cabana or chair at the private Wynn Tower Suites pool.

Wynn Las Vegas – Preferred Partner Platinum Program

You’ll also want to book any Wynn rooms through a Preferred Partner travel agent for the additional amenities. They include:

  • A daily $60 breakfast credit per room (Sadly, it does not stack with the $50 credit.)
  • A $100 resort credit ($50 spa, $50 food and beverage)
  • Upon availability, early check-in, late check-out, and a room upgrade

I’ve seen rates as low as $350, but Tower Suite rooms will generally start in the $400++ range. It’s hard to find higher service levels anywhere on the Strip than you will receive at Wynn. You can also book via FHR or Virtuoso, but these programs offer a $100 spa credit instead of $50 and $50.

Wynn Tower Suites – Upgrade Sweet (Suite) Spot

One of the “sweet spots” of upgrades is that a Wynn Tower Suites King Room upgrades (if available) to a Wynn Tower Suites Parlor Suite. Unfortunately, with occupancy in Vegas and at Wynn Las Vegas at record levels, I would not count on this upgrade.

Wynn Las Vegas - Tableau eggs and eggs
How about some eggs with your eggs for breakfast at Tableau at Wynn Tower Suites?

The Wynn Tower Suites has its own pool, which is convenient to the Tower Suites lobby. There is also easy access to one of the best breakfast venues in Las Vegas, Tableau.

The Wynn Tower Suites Lobby Bar is a fantastic venue to relax and enjoy a cocktail or espresso. Take note that this bar area does allow smoking. But would it really be Vegas if you couldn’t enjoy a cigar with your cocktail? (Don’t be alarmed, they divide the seating areas into smoking and non-smoking sections.)

Wait? What about Encore Tower Suites? Yeah, that’s also a great option, but they don’t have their own private pool, one of our Las Vegas Hotel Luxury criteria.

Final “fun fact” about Wynn Las Vegas: Located next to the very exclusive Wynn Tower Suites check-in area is a casino-only VIP (RFB) check-in area. Yep, another ultra-exclusive check-in area within Tower Suites. Want to know more about the casino side of things? Consider stopping by the TravelZork and TravelZork Travel Facebook Group.

Crockfords Las Vegas - LXR - Hilton Impresario
Photo Credit: TravelZork Travel – Crockfords Las Vegas – LXR Hotels and Resorts

The New Kid on the Block — Crockfords Las Vegas

Just a few blocks north of Wynn is the newest building in the city, Resorts World Las Vegas. Resorts World Las Vegas is made up of 3,500 rooms and three different hotels: Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords Las Vegas. All three properties are connected to Hilton Honors, and you will earn points.

Crockfords, part of LXR Hotels & Resorts, is the boutique of the three, with only 236 rooms and suites. These rooms range from 550 square feet to a palatial 2,800, and the experience is filled with amenities. They’ve been designed by KNA Designs and have bespoke artwork and amenities to keep you connected (if you even want to be).

LXR Hotels & Resorts is Hilton Hotels ultra-luxury brand with only five properties globally.

Your vacation will get started before the flight takes off, with a dedicated “pre-arrival” team. At the hotel, you’ll head through a gated entrance and be met at the porte-cochère on your way to the private lobby. You’ll also have access to a 24-hour “ambassador service,” which can handle show tickets and priority venue access. The concierge staff is really top-notch at this property; some came directly from the former Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas - Crockfords Las Vegas - breakfast lobby pastries
I call it “pre-breakfast” – Breakfast Pastries In The Lobby of Crockfords Las Vegas

Check-in starts with a bespoke tea ceremony. In addition, there is a lovely spread of pastries and coffee in the lobby, just in case you want a bite prior to your full breakfast.

By the way, even though the term “experience” does tend to be overused in the travel world these days, I sure do love the check-in experience at Crockfords Las Vegas.

The rooms are very well designed and on the top floors of Resorts World Las Vegas. In addition, most of the rooms have extra high ceilings. Room service at Crockfords is fabulous and extremely well executed.

There are five pools at Resorts World, but you will have access to the Cabana Pool, which is accessible only to Crockfords guests. It’s a nice way to escape the Strip or even the tumult of the main resort. Of course, you may never want to leave. With 40 restaurants to choose from, a choice of shows, and your private pool, a week could end up flying by.

Resorts World Las Vegas - Crockfords Las Vegas - infinity pool
The only infinity pool on the Las Vegas Strip – Resorts World Las Vegas (Crockfords)

There is another super-awesome pool that is the only infinity pool with views of the Vegas Strip. This pool is adults only and requires a separate approval or fee to access. This varies depending on the time of year.

Hilton Impresario and Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World tends to be at the lower end of the luxury pricing scale, starting at about $300++ per room. You can also book through a Hilton Luxury Impresario Agent or AMEX FHR (Fine Hotels + Resorts) for extra perks, including:

  • A $100 resort credit
  • Daily complimentary breakfast for two
  • Double Hilton Honors points
  • Early check-in, late check-out, and upgrade based on availability

Note: If you have status (Gold/Diamond) with Hilton, your benefits will stack with those that the hotel provides, meaning that you could receive up to another $50 credit ($25 per person) for Dawg House.

Crockfords Deal Alert – 4th Free Night

A major deal alert is an Impresario Promotion that runs through March 2023 at Crockfords Las Vegas for Stay 4, Pay 3. This free night promotion also includes all Impresario Luxury Benefits.

Las Vegas for the Ultimate Experience

The casinos’ reliance on gambling offers you an excellent “arbitrage” opportunity to have an exclusive experience at a very reasonable price. You’ll get the luxury amenities and upscale experience for the same price that a small room at a luxury 5* property in New York City (or London) might cost you. Enjoy!


*Yes, there certainly are rooms in Las Vegas that you can’t stay in for any price. They’re reserved for gamblers willing to drop millions of dollars in a weekend. I’m not talking about those. Well, most of the time. Sometimes the folks at TravelZork Travel can get approval to book those super-bougie digs!

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  1. I agree with most of these (at least the ones at which I have stayed), but I would have added the Waldorf.

  2. I’m staying right now in the Encore Tower Suites. I’m not a big Vegas guy, but I do stay at a lot of high-end Hyatts as a Globalist. You can’t avoid the Casino, but once you ascend to the Encore Tower suites, you leave it all behind. The semi-suite that I am staying in is one of the nicest $400/nt rooms I’ve ever enjoyed. And with the drink ($40) and dining ($50) credit, the effective rate drops pretty fast and combined with the higher-end amenities (shopping is next level, restaurants are excellent) in the Wynn/Encore ecosystem, it’s pretty nice. I will def stay here the next time I am forced to visit Vegas on business.

    There are windows to the pool in the Casino. No more eternal night. Still there were prostitutes cruising at 6am when I went to get my coffee this AM. Never been propositioned waiting for coffee before…

  3. Great article, especially as a Vegas junkie like myself. Where do I find pricing or a calendar for Wynn and Aria sky suites?

  4. I thought the Four Seasons was below par compared to most Four Seasons properties. I really enjoyed the Waldorf Astoria which I think should de on this list.

  5. Crockfords suites was not anything that special and the service was the worst we have ever experienced! The 1st suite had towels on the bathroom floor and they never noticed when they put our bags in the room! So they switched us to a room they claimed was an upgrade 2hours later and it was Identical but clean but was not comfortable or welcoming. It felt a bit institutionalized and not worth the money! I don’t see how this even made the list!

  6. I agree with the conclusion with the exception of the Hilton Crockfords, they actually provided us with one of the worst hotel experiences. Service is almost non existent, know or are willing to help and we didn’t experience the check-in that was described above. Also staff didn’t tell us how to get to our room or let us know an amenities that were offered. Upon asking what the difference was between Crockfords and the 2 other hiltons in the same building were, the manager didn’t seem to know. Breakfast is at the same location as all 3 hiltons which we had to wait in line for 20min to be seated…. so for this to be in the top 4 luxury hotels in Vegas is very surprising and sad that this level of service is now acceptable.

    1. That is disappointing to hear, and I am shocked at the experience you had at check-in. Did you use the separate Crockords porte-cochère and lobby? For breakfast at “The Kitchen,” you actually get a “cut the line” perk when staying at Crockfords (you have to go to the front of the line and show your key). Did you complain to Hilton Luxury? I feel you deserve some explanation.

  7. You didn’t mention The Mansion at MGM Grand.

    MtM regularly reports on a wide range of properties. The problem with Las Vegas as a whole is service, especially housekeeping hygiene standards, even at the high-end properties. Seemingly, COVID gave property owners (not just in Las Vegas) license to make broad reductions in service.

    Here’s something to watch out for. Properties have made daily housekeeping non-standard. It’s an up-charge. However, the State of Nevada mandates daily housekeeping but one can opt-out. As such, properties will impose the housekeeping up-charge by default . . . whether or not they actually provide it. At check-in, make your preference known.

    1. Thanks for the detailed comment. The Mansion at MGM Grand did not meet the criteria because there are no “ordinary” rooms (or close to ordinary rooms). I purposely left off The Mansion, Villas, and SkyLofts. Of course, I am fully aware that I created the criteria for the piece. I just felt we needed some boundaries. With regard to housekeeping, all of the properties mentioned have excellent/above average housekeeping and are supposed to offer 2nd daily housekeeping (turn-down-service).

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