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The Property
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La Residence is not just a place that treats you like a king, it’s a destination that caters to actually kings, in a style only imaginable in a time long before. With celebrities such as Elton John, Robert Redford, Norah Jones and literal royalty making this unique property their home away from home in Franschhoek, the wine growing mountain region ofSouth Africa, you can certainly expect the red carpet.

Of course, in order to deliver standards held by kings you need a general. In this case that is the command of General Manager Edward who takes personal interest in each and every guest in a way I can only affectionately describe as being Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” manager in the real world…

a landscape with a vineyard and mountains in the background

The Room

a woman lying on a bed with luggage

The room was accordingly palatial…

a woman lying on a couch in a room

Can you blame her?

a table with food and drinks on it

Meanwhile, I was most interested in this “welcome” spread.

a bathroom with a large mirror and chandelier

Because no one could possibly be expected to share a sink…

a bathroom with a tub and chandeliers

The moment you return from dinner to find that a bath has been drawn in your royal bathroom, with a bottle of complimentary champagne chilling next to the tub… priceless.

The Property + Facilities

a statue of a woman in a pool of water

Upon arrival at this entrance to the property, each guest is greeted by every member of staff. An overwhelmingly nice experience. Plus, the glass of rosé in hand didn’t hurt.

a pool with chairs and a pool in the middle of a valley

Does this require an explanation? In case it does, this is a gorgeous pool overlooking the property’s boutique vineyard.

a wine cellar with wine bottles and wine glasses

And where there is a vineyard there must be a cellar, where this complimentary tasting occured.

a brown and white animal standing in a field of flowers

In all of its beauty the property featured roaming Springbok, the national symbol.

a peacock standing on a fence

Plus the resident courtyard jester.

a room with a chandelier and a fireplace

This corridor is the central focus of La Residence and the place in which all meals are served. It felt like home, just better.

Food + Drink

a plate of food on a table

Undoubtedly the best calamari I’ve ever had…

a plate of food with a flower on top

A sumptuous filet mignon.

a plate of food on a plate

Beet ice cream anyone? It was actually delicious.

a plate of food with a cup of chocolate and cheese

I’ve never gone wrong with chocolate and La Residence offered no exception..

The Experience

a room with a view of a lake and mountains

La Residence offered the perfect over the top luxurious diversion from our time in nearby Cape Town. After experiencing this wine land area I just don’t think a trip to the region is complete without experiencing this rustic natural side of things. Doing it in the style and royal fashion offered by La Residence made it perfect.

As a disclaimer, I did need to go on a diet after all the fantastic food and wine. Par for the course…

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