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Just the news travelers were hoping for came in yesterday, with the announcement of 59 countries to which Brits can travel, and visitors can visit from, without needing to quarantine upon return into the UK. At the same time, the UK Government dropped the “all but essential travel” advice, meaning travel insurance will be valid to these destinations once again. With the good news, airlines are rushing out flash sales, and there are some good offers…

a white buildings with boats in the waterUp To £200 Off British Airways Holidays

British Airways quickly rolled out a flash sale bringing up to £200 off bookings, with added flexibility and low deposits to secure the trips. Basically, you can find summer vacations with a deposit of just £75, with the rest paid five weeks before departure.

BA has things like round trip flights Mallorca with 7 night of hotel for two, for £199 per person, and flights to destinations all over Europe like Nice, Madrid, Barcelona, and Corfu, all under £40 one way. Don’t forget that places like Dubai are open too. You can check out the flash sale here. Oh, and one good thing to note: even if you voluntarily cancel, BA Holidays will let you take a voucher, rather than eating the booking.

Up To 25% Off Radisson Hotels + 5,000 Points Per Stay

Radisson has some spectacular hotels around the world, and right now you can take advantage of great rates in addition to 5,000 bonus points per stay. Free nights using points at Radisson Hotels start at just 9,000 points and even the fanciest hotels top out at 60,000 points, so this is a great way to earn future rewards while also enjoying a bargain on summer travel.

You can register for the 5,000 point bonus per stay here, and the 25% off sale here.

a plane on the tarmacRyanair Flights From Under £10 One Way

Ryanair is in the middle of a huge sale on flights from the UK to Europe, and pretty much from all other European countries too. You can find deals from just £9.99 one way, and the airline is already flying more than 1,000 flights per day.

Ryanair is also offering some additional flexibility, with no change fees for bookings in July and August. Check out more on the flash sales from each country here.

Virgin Atlantic Holidays Sale For 2020 And 2021

Not everyone wants to travel in 2020, but most are optimistic for 2021 travel. Virgin Atlantic has holiday packages including flight and hotel to places on the approved UK Travel List, including Barbados, at reduced prices both for travel in 2020 and 2021.

Virgin Atlantic is also offering additional flexibility on these bookings, particularly for travel in 2020 with no change fees, and even no fare difference in many cases. Check out the Virgin Atlantic Holidays Sale here.

Double Points At Shangri La Hotels, Even Just The Bar…

Shangri La Hotels has some amazing properties in Asia and the Middle East, but also Paris, Istanbul and London. Turkey is open for travel this summer, as are Paris and London. You can earn double points on stays at Shangri La Hotels all around the world, but even trips to the bar or Shangri La restaurants can earn double points.

This is a great way to earn points towards not only free nights and upgrades in hotels, but also towards free drinks and food at restaurants and bars. Yes, you can use Shangri La Golden Circle Points for food and beverage spending too.

EasyJet £22 One Way Flights, Including Iceland

Iceland is one of the hottest summer travel destinations, and this year is a rare chance to explore without millions of other tourists. The country is also offering free covid-19 testing for the next two weeks upon arrival, which is cool.

EasyJet currently has one way flights all over Europe, including Biarritz, Milan, Krakow and more for £22 one way, which is a great deal for peak summer travel. You can find all the deals here.


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  1. Being in the USA where a national pandemic policy from an effective national leader is all theory and no reality, I hadn’t realized that the UK had things so much under control that the government could just open the floodgates. If I wasn’t so leery I’d offer congratulations.

    1. It’s not been plain sailing for us in the UK. For some reason your infamous leader is a complete bigoted numpty that doesn’t understand the logistics of a pandemic (no offense!)..

  2. Our fake “leader” can’t even spell logistics, much less understand it. SMH All the best to your country!

  3. Sorry to say that the situation in the UK doesn’t exactly look rosy either. And just blaming the spread on the leader is an easy way out. Yesterday at DTW many Americans were running around without masks, letting their kids play and run around… in those cases the spread isn’t Trump’s fault. It’s just people being irresponsible and stupid

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