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In assessing value, lists are almost always a great idea. How long would it take you to figure out whether you’d prefer a ride in a private jet, potentially for free, or to pay for an economy seat? Ok, now that that exercise is over, let’s get to the jet setting details…

a white airplane with a door open

The Deal

JetSmarter is an app I’m a huge fan of. It’s not practical in that you can never plan ahead for these empty legs more than three days in advance, but for last minute travel and or aspirational last minute trips, it’s unbeatable. The app offers whole planes or seats on empty legs for as low as $190 under the category “Jet Deals”, which are second icon from the left in the app. With a $1000 welcome credit, you could potentially get five free rides on a private jet for nothing. Literally.

THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED. Try FLY500, your results may vary…

the inside of an airplane

How It Works

Most private jet travel is on a one way basis. For that reason planes are often not where they need to be for the next flight. That means for the empty legs the planes generally fly empty, losing money the whole way. The app opens those legs up with the jet deals feature, often to many desirable places. Every day I see legs to or from New York, London, Rome, Nice, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Vancouver, Miami, Tampa, etc. There are of course others. You’ll have to fly on their schedule, but you’ll fly on a private jet, literally for nothing.

a white airplane on a runway

Signing Up

I unfortunately signed up last year when the promo was $500 off. If you haven’t, simply download the app and input the promo code. If you have already signed up, have a spouse, partner, sibling, or someone else sign up, alternately you can just create a new account with a new phone number. The only step they use to verify your account is a text message code. Once you receive the code, you input FLY1000 and receive $1000 of JetSmarter credit. 

THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED. Try FLY500 to get $500 though…

the inside of a plane

Using Your $1000

Everyday I open the app, see what “jet deals” (not shuttle flights) are floating around and consider if I can make one work. Sometimes you will even see round trip flights, leaving on consecutive days, where you could depart from say… New York to Nashville, with a return leg available to New York the following day. Either way, it can be easy to use miles or find a cheap one way flight to get you home or to the private jet leg. It’s not like it’s something most of us get to do every day…

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