Jet Blue is a great way to bop around the United States and 7,000 bonus miles can be enough for a free ticket. The airline gets a lot of things right while making passengers feel slightly less degraded than many of their competition operating the same economy routes. If you haven’t already signed up for JetBlue’s frequent flier program “True Blue”, you can earn yourself a nice 7,000 mile bonus for signing up and taking your first flight! If you’ve already signed up but a travel companion or family member hasn’t, you can get them to sign up and then pool your miles together. You can even get away with just a one way ticket! 

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To score your bonus, all you need to do is register using THIS LINK, book at least a one way flight and fly by June 18th to score 7,000 bonus miles (plus whatever miles for taking your flight). These miles are worth a minimum $70 off (can be worth much more) your next flight and this is an exceptional promotion. It’s rare to see airlines offer quite so many miles for doing just about….nothing. Get in on the deal and go see someone you love or hate. Jet Blue offers expanded regional service in the Northeast including most Florida destinations and an increasingly popular transcontinental product from East Coast to West Coast including Jet Blue Mint, their more affordable flat bed “business class”. 

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