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Hello, I’d like to travel in 2021 as vaccines roll out, and I’d like to take a friend with me for free every time, that cool? At JetBlue, apparently, yes! JetBlue is rewarding frequent flyers, or frequent spenders with a companion pass, allowing them to take a guest with no fare charged through most of May 2021.

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JetBlue’s Complimentary Companion Passes

JetBlue ‘Mosaic’ isn’t a frequent flyer status often discussed, because it lacks many of the crazy perks other statuses can bring. That might be changing.

JetBlue is giving all ‘Mosaic’ elite members a companion pass, good for a friend, family member or anyone they’d like, to join them on all trips from January 1st, 2021 to May 20th, 2021. That’s five months of buy one, get one for JetBlue Mosaic members.

If you’re not sure if you have Mosaic, you probably don’t, but it’s always worth logging into your JetBlue account to check, particularly if you have the JetBlue credit card, or have flown a lot in the last year.

To take advantage of the newly minted companion pass for Mosaic’s, members will need to make a reservation online, and then phone up to add their companion. Sadly, companions can’t be added online right now. Standard taxes of around $5.60 per flight may still apply.

The pass can be used on all JetBlue routes, which is truly superb, and could represent savings in the thousands, for an avid traveler, particularly as safety risks are improved. It’s unclear whether your companion can be chosen for each trip, or whether you’ll need to pick one and stick with them, so it’s worth inquiring before making your first companion booking. Awkward!

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How Do You Earn JetBlue Mosaic?

JetBlue Mosaic can be earned in 2020 or 2021 with 7,500 qualifying points. Qualifying points are between 1-3 points for every dollar spent on JetBlue base fares. The lowest priced JetBlue tickets receive 1 point per dollar spent, while more expensive fares earn 3 per dollar. If you spent $2500 on base fares at 3 points per dollar, you’d qualify.

JetBlue credit card holders can also qualify with $50,000 in spending on the card, or with $30,000 in spending and 4,000 qualifying points, according to View From The Wing.JetBlue Mosaic members will also begin benefitting from complimentary extra legroom seats on the day of travel, by asking at Mosaic customer service counters, or at gate.

GSTP Take: Loyalty Machine FTW

How do you keep a previously loyal customer loyal when travel rebounds? Make them an offer they can’t refuse, particularly while planes remain mostly empty and it costs the airline little. Flights may be a bit cheaper than they were in years past, but adding a second ticket is no expense to laugh at, and many will find incredible joy here.

This goes a long way to keep the blinders on the best flyers, and keep them from even considering another airline. While many airlines have slashed benefits and compelling reasons to fly with them during the pandemic, this strategy adds reason.

Giving loyal travelers a second ticket for no fare charged allows them to share travel experiences as the rebound begins, and that feel good factor should carry on for the second half the year when they will need to pay again. With hopes for similar styles of benefit in the future, the lowered thresholds to earn Mosaic status may also look much more appealing!

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