Aerial from Aruba at Fisherman's Huts in the Caribbean at twilight
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People love JetBlue mint, and there’s good reason for that. For starters, there’s a bed, then there’s a privacy door, then there’s actually fresh non sketchy airplane meals and then the whole nice way to fly part. Sometimes in life you need to think big, and if you glance over to the business class column rather than anguishing over economy prices, you may find your next trip to the Caribbean is cheaper in business class than economy. How cheap? Try $267 one way on for size…

a woman eating food in an airplaneThe Minty Fresh Flight Deals

JetBlue is running circles around Delta, American and United with superb deals on business class to the Caribbean from New York and Boston. Whether you’re after Barbados, St Lucia, you can lock in crazy good deals, starting at just $267 one way. Combine that with a cheap flight or some points for the other direction and you’ve scored yourself a serious flight upgrade to a lovely place. And yes, life is always good in Barbados or St. Lucia.

a body of water with trees and a beachThe Travel Dates You Can Book

These deals are available on limited dates from both New York and Boston and the easiest way to find them is by using Google Flights. Here’s how to become a wizard at finding flight deals. You’ll find the very best offers in June, July and October, for Saturday departures.

a man sitting in an airplaneHow To Book Business Class To The Caribbean

While every other airline flies old school lazy boy seats, JetBlue is flying beds to these destinations. Beds are better than lazy boy seats, so just go with it. We’ve compiled an easy to click list of the best deals, so just click over to the one that sounds good to you and try to book it before someone steals the fun. Once they’re gone, they’re gone…

Enjoy the Caribbean, it’s hard not to. Just be sure not to wear any camouflage to Barbados, otherwise it’ll be confiscated. Good to know, right?

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