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You’ve already heard how the pandemic is ravaging the airline industry, and how airlines are reevaluating plans, and sadly shrinking – fast. But JetBlue isn’t going so quietly, and in fact, the airline is set to make quite a bit of noise in the next year.

JetBlue says it’s on track to shake up the transatlantic travel industry, with new flights to London from 2021 from Boston and New York.

As a sign of just how serious the airline is, it’s shared images of the first Airbus A321LR, the longer range plane which will be used for these new flights receiving its big factory paint job during assembly.

a bed in an airplane

JetBlue’s new A321LR’s – LR for long range – are the planes the airline will use to fly to London from either New York, Boston or both next year, and will all feature “streamer” logo designs on tails, according to the airline. All current indications suggest the much loved boutique airline will launch service from both East Coast USA hubs before the end of 2021, but few things are guaranteed in the current climate.

The new tails represent wind currents and oceans, which JetBlue will soon be crossing, according to aviation journalist Edward Russell.

JetBlue’s entrance into the transatlantic market will be welcome news for travelers, but not so much airlines already flying across the pond.

From the start, JetBlue made it clear that these flights are designed to “disrupt” the fat cat prices airlines like British Airways, Delta, United, American and Virgin Atlantic have enjoyed for decades, by offering an ultra competitive business class seat for much less.

JetBlue promises an updated version of the beloved “Mint” business class for the new transatlantic flights to London.

Similar approaches across the most lucrative US transcontinental markets, including New York – Los Angeles, New York San Francisco and now Seattle as well have paid dividends fo the relatively boutique airline, which operates without a major global alliance. It’s not at all uncommon to see $399 one way fares, on routes which other airlines charge double.

For travelers who value elite status perks, JetBlue’s own Mosaic status has many, but one off partnerships with other airlines, including Emirates and Singapore Air provide opportunities to earn both miles and status qualification with other airlines while flying JetBlue.

Limited alliance partners and points earning opportunities may impact some potential customers, but particularly during a pandemic – money talks. If JetBlue can offer lower fares with better business class flying experiences, that may be more than enough to sway passengers away from the current status quo.

Here’s a look at all the best business class seats between New York and London.

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  1. I bet they won’t run out of catering half way across the pond and will ensure that they have working seats and screens!…
    Surely disruptive to some of the established players, especially those for whom cost cutting is “in their DNA” and who have taken such a hostile approach to passengers legal rights in recent months.

  2. Count me in! I can’t wait. I hope they are so successful that they will need an entire jet with nothing but business class seats! Best wishes JetBlue!

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