After a highly contested match, it’s fair to say that many football stadiums resemble a pigs trough, which understandably, is highly insulting to the cleaning standards upheld by pigs around the world. Spilled beer, chucked peanuts, napkins, cups, hot dog buns and giant #1 fan fingers are left behind without any care in the world, but not with one group of fans. A video has emerged after Japan’s stunning #WorldCup victory over Colombia, and it puts a whole new twist on the stadium experience.

The Viral Video

Japanese fans were caught on camera making the world, or at least one Russian football stadium a better place. After an exciting World Cup win, fans were found brandishing their very own trash bags, helping to clean up any and all litter from the stands, and ready the stadium for the next fans and the next match. This video was surprisingly to virtually no one who’s ever been to Japan. The nation which apologizes for early trains, bows to strangers and takes pride in virtually, well… everything has now offered us all an instant highlight reel to this years world cup, via the video above.

a trophy and football ball on a tableWhat Hooligans?

Japan isn’t the only nation putting a positive spin on the World Cup 2018 fan experience. Senegal fans were also caught on video cleaning their seats ahead of the teams big match against Poland, and cleaning up after the game. Hey, a win puts everyone in a good mood. For a sport so widely associated with drunk hooligans and street brawls, it’s nothing short of uplifting to see beautiful cultures putting respect where it belongs.

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