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Tokyo – the best city in the world, the future host of the summer Olympics and the place travelers just cannot get enough of. There’s so much to do, so much to see – and so many ways to experience the tranquil perfection. For a limited time, you can get there in peak season for just $434 and up, from both coasts…

a red bridge over a streamThe Deals

Singapore, Air Canada and ANA have incredible deals out of Los Angeles, between $434 and $499 round trip. That’s phenomenal for such revered five star airlines. For the rest of us, China Eastern is offering excellent deals from quite a few other cities. There are top notch offers from New York, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. ANA and Singapore offer two of the very best premium economy cabins, and good ways to upgrade, so this could work out to be an extra stellar deal.

a street sign in a cityThe Dates

These deals are available from January thru April 2018. There may be similar great deals later in the year, so don’t hesitate to check. Other than the Singapore deal from LA, you’ll do best searching Momondo.

a red building with a tall tower with Sensō-ji in the backgroundHow To Book

These deals won’t last, so if you’re in, firm up dates and get booking. We’ve made handy round trip examples from each city. Simply click the city and change dates to your liking, looking for the same pricing. Here’s Los Angeles with Air CanadaANA, Los Angeles with Singapore, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Boston. Here’s a list of things to know before visiting Tokyo, an amazing place to stay, and a photo guide of what to do while you’re there.

Are you going to Tokyo?

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  1. A couple things –

    * some of the links in the How to Book section are inactive/point to the wrong website
    * from the ex-LAX options I was able to find via Momondo, the ones shown were all operated by United, not ANA. I do see some JAL flights for $480+ though
    * Are JAL flights upgradable?


  2. My comment didn’t post for some reason. A few points –

    1) The ex-LAX on Singapore Air link doesn’t work in the How to Book paragraphs
    2) Can you confirm that the ANA flights you’re seeing are operated by ANA? I see all operated by United, which is NOT a top Economy international product
    3) Is JAL easily upgradeable from Economy like ANA and Singapore are?

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