Friends with benefits? Who knew that those very people that send you airplane emoji’s every day could be the ones who give you a real world smiley face. The only thing better than earning free hotel nights, upgrades and flights is doing it without spending money, just for referring friends to join free travel rewards programs. Here are some of the easiest and best and best ways for you and your friends to have lots of mutual benefits…

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Earn Free Nights At The Ritz From Your Friends…

Marriott is offering a really attractive bonus for referring friends to their free loyalty program and staying in hotels. For each friend you refer, you get 2,000 points for their first five stays this year. So basically, you can earn 10,000 points per friend (even just five separate one night stays would qualify) and you can earn the bonus on up to five friends. That means you can earn 50,000 Marriott Points, enough for a free night at any top Marriott hotel or even a Ritz Carlton hotel. Details and link for your friends HERE.

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Get Free Flights From Your Friends!

They get bonus miles because you referred them and YOU get bonus miles because you referred them. This is such a win win and it couldn’t be easier. Currently AirBerlin will give 1,000 miles for every referral and whoever you refer gets 1,000 too. Virgin Atlantic also has a promo called “Miles More Friends” where you receive referral credit for everyone who signs up to their free frequent flyer program and takes a flight. You’ll earn a minimum of 2,000 miles per person and a whopping 10,000 per person if they fly business class! Get some rich friends!

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Earn UNLIMITED Miles From Any Airline By Getting Your Friends To Sign Up For Rocket Miles, Where They Earn Miles For Booking Hotel Stays!

Pick the miles you want and then sit back and watch as they stack up. For every friend who you refer to Rocket Miles, you receive 1,000 miles to virtually any airline of your choice when they complete the free sign up and book a single hotel night! They get an extra 1,000 miles for being referred by you, how kind of you! A first time booking will earn them at least 2,000 miles with the potential for many, many more. Friends with benefits. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can use our sign up link to get 1,000 bonus miles and then go on to refer your own friends.

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Rent Awesome Apartments Around The World For Free Thanks To Your Friends…

Airbnb is a really cool alternative to the traditional hotel experience. Not only can you find an incredible apartment to rent in the best parts of town, you can also generally save money with more space and a functional kitchen to make your own breakfast (and cocktails). When you get a friend to sign up, they’ll get $35 towards their first booking and you get $35 for referring them when they complete their first booking. There’s no limit to how much you can make, so what are you waiting for?! Get that free money! Sign up and create your own link! You can email and Facebook your link as well as share it like a web address.

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Love Your Credit Card? Tell Your Friend Why They Should Grab The Same One! You Both Get Points!

The single quickest way to earn points is with a credit card. You’ll earn between 5,000 and 20,000 points for each friend you refer and they’ll of course be able to get a sweet sign up bonus to the tune of 25,000 plus points in many cases. You’re so thoughtful !Earning with a credit card is also amazing because assuming you pay your bills in full, you earn miles just for buying things you need, paying no interest. It’s easy too, many companies allow you to send an email to refer a friend, others you simply call and they tell you how…

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