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It’s looking like a big summer of travel ahead. And when you close your eyes and picture travel perfection, it’s hard not to picture Italy. Big glass of local wine in one hand, a tasty morsel in the next and beautiful rustic views all around.

You’re practically there, I know, and when you actually get there, much has changed in the last few days. Many travel restrictions have dropped, some have not, and what to expect on the ground is vastly different.

Here’s what to expect from your next trip to Italy, including what you’ll need before you board a flight, and what life will be like as you roam the country’s gorgeous streets.


Italy Simplifies Travel & Lifestyle Restrictions

Italy is in the midst of combing back some of the travel and lifestyle restrictions which have been a fundamental part of the travel experience for years now. If you’re the type that likes an executive summary, here’s what’s already changed, as of May 2nd, 2022…

  • Most indoor spaces no longer require mask wearing.
  • Vaccine or testing passports are no longer required at all domestically.
  • Passenger locator forms for travel have also been dropped.

If you’re time strapped, that’s it. That’s the story, for now. Enjoy your flight. If you want more detail; from the gorgeous hills of Tuscany to the Cinque Terre, gorgeous cities like Florence and the volcanic magic of Naples, here’s a breakdown.

Italy Drops Most Mask Requirements

Masks are no longer required to enter most indoor spaces, including shops, bars and restaurants. They’re optional, so wear one if you want, and don’t if you don’t. The only key exceptions are public transportation, cinemas and healthcare facilities.

If you are taking a train, bus or other public mode of transport, you’ll need to mask up. At least, for now. And yes, cinemas are a somewhat odd outlier to leave in there.

And an important thing to note: Italy only accepts FFP2 face masks as sufficient — cloth masks won’t work.


Vaccination Passports No Longer Required

Italy was among the strictest for enforcing ‘Green Pass’ vaccine passports or regular negative tests to facilitate entry into virtually all indoor spaces. These requirements no longer apply.

People are free to test as regularly as they like and there’s no harm in carrying proof of vaccination, but the ‘Green Pass’ is no longer a requirement in the country.

No More Passenger Locator Forms For Italy

Passenger locator forms are an extra headache in a world where many things in travel can already feel like a headache. Italy no longer requires passengers bound for the EU country to fill out a passenger locator for in advance of travel.

Yep, even in bureaucracy loving Italy, they’ve had enough of these too. All passengers must still show proof of accepted vaccination, or a recent negative test. Details on the specific entry requirements can be found by consulting official resources.

Great News And More To Come

I just returned from Greece where the country is expecting its largest tourism season on record. Yep, they expect to shatter 2019. Many countries, particularly in Europe, are eager to shore up years of pandemic losses with major tourism seasons and restriction laden processes don’t help with the flow.

Italy is now the latest country in Europe quickly rolling back restrictions. It’s expected that June will see a rolling back of even more travel and lifestyle related restrictions. A trip to Italy should be easier now than any time in the last two years, and should get even easier shortly.

Andiamo, a la Italia!

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