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And did you see those $20 high speed train fares from Rome to Venice?

Sometimes things just work out, don’t they? Here you were looking for a deal to Italy, which you’ve absolutely found, and in the process, you figured out how to maximize your trip even further, potentially checking out even more cities, all for just €20 more in travel. There are some amazing flight deals from both Coasts of the US, and places in between – to Italy, and at the same time, there’s one of the coolest offers of the year for high speed trains between Italy’s best destinations…

a boat on a canal under a bridgeThe Deals

Air Italy, the new big time Italian airline backed by Qatar Airways; Alitalia, Delta, Swiss, Lufthansa and United are all out with tempting fares to Italy from all over the US. While that would normally be all the excitement needed, GoEuro has an incredible high speed train fare, where you can see Venice, Florence and Rome for just €20, making these great deals potentially even greater, again. You could fly into Rome, stop in Florence, then carry on to Venice at your leisure, and either fly out of Venice, or double back down to Rome for just €20 more! These great deals are available starting at $375 round trip, from: New York, Detroit, Boston Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale AND ATLANTA (that’s a joke for Delta fans, but there really are deals from Atlanta).

a large stone building with arches and arches with Colosseum in the backgroundThe Dates

These deals are available on quite a few scattered dates between October 2018 and March 2019. You may luck out with some deals beforehand in September, or afterward later in 2019, but for the sake of ease – shoot for these ranges for maximum result. We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links below, which take you directly to all the best prices from each city.

a colorful buildings on a cliff by the water with Cinque Terre in the backgroundHow To Book

However you use these deals, you can rest assured you’re going to have a great time in Italy. First, we’re going to list out all the standard round trip deals, in and out of the same city, and then for any enthusiasts who want to use the €20 GoEuro train fare to see Venice, Florence and Rome, we’ll list out the same deals where you fly into Venice or Rome, and back from the other. Here are the best round trip deals to Italy, like: $358 Fort Lauderdale to Rome$375 New York to Rome, $399 New York to Milan (for two, $449 for one), $422 Los Angeles to Rome$436 Boston to Rome, $440 Orlando to Rome, $440 Detroit to Rome, $480 Atlanta to Venice, and $440 San Francisco to Rome. IF you want to fly in to one city and out the other, use this example, or this one. It may be a bit more, but you’ll only know if you enter your preferred starting city from above and see if you can make something cool work!

Are you flying off to Italy?

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