Halloumi or Mozzarella?

When it comes to travel, place is the first thing that comes to mind. Today, the places are very, very good. The second thought for most people is price: and yes, todays prices are also molto bene. The third thought is often about comfort, and on Emirates Airbus A380, their economy class is legitimately comfortable. Emirates has launched an awesome $799 for two flight deal, bringing round trip travel to Europe under $400 per person, or just over if you’re flying solo – all on a top airline.

a large airplane flying in the skyThe Deals

If you want to take advantage of these great offers, you’ll need to find a travel buddy. If you’re flying solo, you can still snag fantastic deals, with round trip solo prices of $449 all in. But if you’re booking for two, you can lock in $399 per person, for a total of $799 all in. Athens or Milan? It’s your pick! These deals allow travel from either New York JFK direct to Milan, or from Newark direct to Athens. Emirates has been ranked one of the best airlines to fly economy with, and for the relatively short trip, it’s more than enough. If you’re a baller, they’ve also launched $5999 round trip for two in business class, and $9999 for two in first class suites.

a large building with a statue in front of itThe Dates

These superb deals are available for travel from October 1st 2018 thru May 14th. Here’s a synopsis of the gritty details, directly from Emirates: valid for travel to Milan from October 1st, 2018 through December 18th, 2018 and December 26, 2018 through May 14, 2019, and for travel to Athens from October 28th, 2018 through December 18th, 2018 and December 26th, 2018 through May 14th, 2019.

a moon over a cityHow To Book

Booking is really, really easy. If you can’t do it, you’re going to find travel very challenging. Simply head to this dedicated Milan and Athens deals page, which takes you directly to all the juicy details. You can only book these deals for two directly with Emirates, and they won’t be found elsewhere. It’s rare to see any mainstream airline dip below $400 per person, let alone Emirates, so at this price, there’s a lot to love. Enjoy Milan… or Athens!

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  1. I can’t get $799 price for two, only $880. And Chase portal is showing me the same results actually, $880 or 58.6K UR through CSR. How do you get the price down to $799?

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