La Pelosa in Sardinia is meravigliosa. In case you didn’t know, that’s Italian for marvelous. But what makes a spectacular beach? Is it the view? The color of the water? Well, one thing that makes a beach not a beach at all – is a lack of sand. To quell this amusing problem spurred on by rampant tourism, the mayor of a popular Italian town wants to ban towels, amongst other things.

a water way with boats and buildings in the background with Grand Canal in the backgroundSardinian Boom

As Rome, Milan, Venice and Tuscany become increasingly rammed with global tourism, those in the know are escaping to Sardinia. The gorgeous island off the coast of Italy is an homage to a different age, with quintessentially beautiful villages, beaches and flora. The food ain’t bad either! But even the beaches of Sardinia have reached critical mass, with more than 5,000 tourists per day visiting many of the most well known spots. Namely, La Pelosa.

a clear blue water with a tower in the backgroundNo Towels, No Problem

Surprisingly, unlike Thailand’s beaches which are being closed because of tourists – it’s not the litter thats ruining them. It’s all the sand in your shoes, on your towel and… everywhere else sand goes. The beach is losing far too much of it’s beautiful, warm sand and Antonio Diana, the mayor of Stintina where La Pelosa is located is on a mission to change that. He’d like to ban towels entirely. That’s right, no towels allowed on this beach!

a stone tower on a beachRestricted Access

The town has already passed measures in a hope to curb growing tourist traffic to the beach, while preserving its age old charm, according to The Local, an Italian paper. Car access roads will be converted into foot and bike paths, reducing congestion. And if you were wondering how the city plans to take care of the whole new “sandy tourist” problem, the beach would rent out foldable beach chairs to relax and dry off. Sand has a knack for returning to where it belongs, once dry. One thing is for certain: an overcrowded beach is no fun for anyone.

How would you feel about a beach with no towels?

HT: The Local

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  1. What a magnificent sea. But there are towels, anywhere the people meets with water. I can’t imagine a beach without towels.

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