Don’t you find that “where to go” is often the hardest part? You want a city break with some culture, great food and vibrant nights, but at the same time – some sunshine, a nice beach and relaxation via a cool mojito sounds just perfect? With these destinations you don’t have to decide. Hit the sights of the city by morning and feel the warm sand between your toes by the afternoon. You’ll even be back in the city in time for dinner, as if you never left. 

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing itNew York

We’re willing to bet this was not a city you had in mind when you clicked over here, but it totally is. And it belongs with the best. With a quick and easy train ride from Penn Station you can arrive at Long Beach – the perfect place to escape the NYC summer humidity. The beaches extend for miles and miles, with a seemingly endless supply of sand dunes and surf. And for music fans, there’s even a famous concert venue directly on the beach, with top artists every summer. You’ll have no idea you’re so close to the concrete jungle. It’s not too bad either!  

a body of water with buildings and a city in the backgroundSydney

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the coolest cities on the planet, but its appeal extends far beyond the buzzing central districts. Bondi Beach is less than 20 minutes from the city center. With one of the best beaches on the planet as part of the city, and countless others in the area, it’s not at all hard to imagine why people find it hard to leave this magnificent stretch of city and coast. Here’s how to make the most of your time in Sydney.

a beach with people walking on the beachRio

After the obligatory touristing around Christ the Redeemer, you have a daunting task ahead. You must choose from the iconic Copacabana Beach, or the even more immortalized Ipanema Beach. But don’t fret, they’re virtually connected, they’re both set along the glitzy high rises of the city itself and your hotel is probably within a few blocks of either. Trying to imagine why people flock to this city on the sea is one of the easiest tasks you’ll complete today. Looking for Rio tips?

a city with a castle in the backgroundBarcelona

Barceloneta beach is a mere 15 minute walk from the end of La Rambla, making it extremely accessible after perfect hours exploring the opulent city. If you’re looking for a full on beach day with less tourists and even better beaches, head a little further out, like Ocata beach. Between the late nights, absolutely inspired food and hip culture, you’ll find peeling away to the beach more difficult here, than most places on earth.

a pool with palm trees and a beachMuscat

Oman has quickly become one of the hottest destinations of the year – and we’re not just talking literal temperatures. Oh yes, the weather really is perfect, virtually all year round. So why not start your Arabian nights in Muscat? Take in the beat of this unique and cultured city and walk on down to Al Qurum beach for some chill out time and beautiful sunsets. Combining culture and beach time has rarely been so easy. 

a sign on a hill with a city in the backgroundLos Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis. Fortunately for those seeking sun and city all in one, it sprawls out onto the beach. Venice and Santa Monica offer photo worthy beaches, chock full of people working out, relaxing and enjoying some of the best sunsets in the world.  Less than a 30 minute drive from Hollywood, it makes for one of the most flexible holiday cities. Hike the famous hills, surf the breaks and enjoy the glamour of Los Angeles. Need a few tips? We got ya’ covered.

a beach with a city and mountains in the backgroundCape Town

In the coldest, darkest months of the Northern Hemisphere, we yearn for warmth. Just about anything warm sounds great. Enter Cape Town. When it’s cold up North, it’s magic down South. The city is an incredible melting pot of cultures, with eye opening natural beauty. Standing atop Table Mountain, you may literally need to pinch yourself – as you’re above the clouds. But fear not, you could (almost) roll from the peak straight into the idyllic beaches of Camps Bay.

a beach with buildings and blue waterNice

If you make it to the wonderful French Riviera you’ll have plenty of top notch beach options close by. And the food – oh my, you’ll be just fine! Let’s not forget the wine either! There’s a beach to suit every personality as well as lots of culture and world class restaurants to keep you busy for days – weeks even. Just remember: not all French people believe in wearing bathing suits to the beach. You’ve been warned. City and sun? Sorted. 

a city with a lake and mountains in the backgroundVancouver

Vancouver is a fabulous city to visit all year round – but if you happen to be there in the warm, surprisingly lovely summer months, be sure to take advantage of their completely underrated beaches. Soft sand, amazing views and less tourists than most “beach” spots. To balance your beach life, the city of Vancouver is hip, progressive, filled with art and a great place to wander. It may just be perfect destination for any sports and adventure seeking travelers, plus it’s also the start of a great West Coast road trip! 

a cityscape with a body of water and a city skylineTel Aviv

Much like the city itself, the beautiful, almost impressionist looking beaches of Tel Aviv tell a story. Each section of the plush Mediterranean beach offers a different feel, culture and crowd. And the city is no exception either. Endless history, fascinating modern society and a thriving tech community make this a city to watch. An absolute jewel of the region, and totally underrated as a place to grab some fun in the sun.

Where are you going for your next city and sun holiday?

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  1. Your going to include LONG BEACH with all these other beautiful beaches? You are joking right? The water is brackish, overcrowded beaches, crappy restaurants, and it is not very close to the city.

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