I have read many travel and point blogs.

This one is different. 

To start, I am not your typical points, miles and travel blogger. I do not have endless money, I have not flown around the world chasing miles, I don’t have a million credit cards and I don’t get paid to travel. I do not get to travel very often but when I do I strive to make it unforgettable and above all very comfortable. Who doesn’t like a little bit of luxury? 

By collecting Points & Miles this year my wife and I took roughly $18,950 worth of flights for $795 out of pocket. seriously.

We live in a time when points and miles are everywhere. There are a million ways to collect them and there are huge bonuses to be had. Much like you, I started collecting points from scratch. No rewards credit cards, just a few errant miles and a vision. In a very short amount of time I have taken multiple business class flights to Europe and South America all for free. That means flat bed seats, five course dining and airport lounges. In each destination we have stayed in unforgettable hotels for fractional cost. Sound nice? It is. 

I love travel and I always have. I do not however love being 6’3” and having my legs crammed sideways into an economy seat. I do not love the meal choice of green mush or red mush. I want to change the way I travel without having to change my income. I have done so by putting my limited funds, reward program knowledge and what little free time I have to work for me. 

My goal is to help bring you luxury travel at minimal expense

Bar none, the easiest way to score free travel is with points and miles. How do you get points and miles? This blog is a guide to help you create and execute a plan to earn miles and make the most of them. Just click the links below to get started.

See you in the sky.


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