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We just spit out our coffee- and when you finish reading this, you may too. Just make sure you don’t spill on your credit card, because you’re going to punch those digits in faster than ever. A rather ingenious trick to get unlimited airplane wifi (not to mention countless mobile hotspots around the world) has just been brought to light by ViewFromTheWing. Here’s everything you need to know…

US Mobile Offers A Seemingly Unexciting Worldwide HotSpot Service, Until You Realize That It Covers Airlines And In Flight Wifi All Around The World!

Yes, that’s right. For $10 a month, which you can use promo code RPUSMWIFI to take down to $6 a month, you get all the international hotspots, PLUS unlimited in flight wifi on 23+ airlines. It even works on international flights with airlines that offer it! These are laughably exciting prices, considering you’d pay more than $10 for a single one hour connection on a singular flight!

Which Airlines Can You Use It On?

You can check out the full plan details here (note, this is not where you sign up). A few highlight airlines include Delta, American, Lufthansa, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, United, Air Canada, Air France, KLM, Aer Lingus, Japan Airlines, Singapore Air, EVA Air, China Air and more.

Just Show Me The F&#$’ing Link Already…

Thought so. Here ya go. And remember to use the promo code (found above) to make it just a mere $6 a month. At this price- there’s hardly anything to lose, and so much to gain. If it is as described (which all accounts point to), then you’ve gotten the deal of the year and can browse to your hearts content. You can even work on your social media game, now that it can earn you free nights in five star hotels. If you have any trouble, which we see no reason to happen, you’ve paid $6. For what it’s worth- we signed up without hesitation.

Big thanks to ViewFromTheWing for highlighting this deal…

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