I do thoroughly enjoy a salsa dance with passengers walking down the aisle, in the opposite direction, but I can’t help but think things could be better and more fun. In fact, I think we can all agree that flying should be better. Seamless is the word that comes to mind. I think airlines should strive for seamless interactions between cabin crew, entertainment, passengers and service. You don’t need new airplanes to introduce new on board technology and most of the infrastructure needed is already on board. Imagine a flight with…

In Seat Ordering App:

Your seat/phone would have a touch screen menu of food, drink and service options, similar to that of a restaurant order system. You would put in your request and receive it on the first interaction without sending flight attendants scrambling back and forth. Need a pillow? It’s on its way. If you want a coke and a water, you would touch it into your screen and shortly thereafter, regardless of cabin class, the two should turn up saving time and organization for all. 

a man holding a tray of drinks

Family Rows // Sleeper Section:

What a great idea! I love the idea of a family “couch” on an airplane.  A couple family aisles in economy could really be a game changer and make travel more accessible for families. Maybe removable armrests, extra pillows and more kid friendly amenities and games at the seats? Genius. As someone who is constantly next to a screaming baby, I also love the idea of a sleeper section at the opposite end of the cabin. I am sure families with kids would enjoy being around others in the same situation, just as those seeking peace and quiet, would love to be as far away as possible. 

a baby sleeping on a plane


Planes are put in order, upgrades are in order. Why not a bathroom cue? You would simply press the lavatory button on your touch screen at your seat and your request would be put on the list showing you how many people are in line, and when it is your turn. When the person before you unlocks the door, you would receive a notification that it’s your turn. No waiting, no standing, and no fighting for order which means more time for chick flicks. 

a group of people standing in a line

Trivia Contest With Prizes Before Pushback!

No one likes sitting next to an idiot and waiting for pushback is one of the most boring things in the world! Before pushback, and the cheesy safety videos, I would absolutely love a touch screen or smart phone trivia contest to pass the time and win big. What better motivator for a smarter world than a free upgrade, future travel voucher or drink ticket to the trivia contest winner! Huge thanks to reader Rachel Howe, for this one! 

a man in a suit and tie

Smart Body Contour Seats:

This one may be easier said than done, but it’s common in business class so I don’t see why not. I find most economy seats terrible for posture and back support and think that a seat which adapts to body shape and position to increase lumbar would save a lot of people a whole lot of pain. Just a little bit of air or cushion applied to areas when slumbering, or a slight puffing of the headrest for sleeping could make for a much more comfortable economy experience, without taking up too much if any of the ever diminishing room. 

a man sitting in a chair

Free Wifi For All:

If the infrastructure is there, I’d rather a dollar or two be added to my ticket without knowing to receive free access to WiFi on board, than pay a ridiculous fee and have to whip my credit card out. If airlines are going to shift their priorities and loyalty programs toward business travel, why not give us all business tools. I loved live blogging the Dreamliner, but sure hated paying $11.95 an hour to do so! Thanks to reader Miah, for this one

a sign on a wall

Though yoga mats, exercise bikes and hangover cures would be welcome additions in my mind, I actually feel like all of the things listed are possible and should be put into place. I absolutely love reader Graeme’s idea for dedicated family rows on planes. If you have any more ideas be sure to leave them in the comments, you will be credited ; )

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