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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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For most people, business class is a rare treat, and more than one could ever hope for. But when first class is available for the same price, or less, you might as well indulge in that next level of comfort and sophistication. Amongst the most sophisticated and delectable first class experiences on offer, you’ll find Lufthansa and Swiss, with caviar service, massive suites and incredible lounges.

The airlines just dropped some exceptionally good first class offers, starting at £1300 per person. The only catch – you need to book for two…

a bed with a white sheet and a tvFirst Class Flight Steals

If you can rustle up a travel companion, Lufthansa and Swiss have some absolutely fantastic first class offers to India, Africa and the Middle East, from all over the UK. Yep, that’s right, these fares actually recognise that the United Kingdom is more than just London, and you can find them from Manchester and other cities as well.

Hot tip: You can combine first and business, going one way in one direction and the other – the other, allowing you to save on the overall tickets, so many of these can become £1200 round trips, with one way in first, the other in business. It’s also possible in most cases to fly Lufthansa one way, and Swiss the other – for comparison purposes, of course.

Amongst the best first class offers, you’ll find…

  • £1475 p.p. London/Manchester to Nairobi, Kenya
  • £1475 p.p. London/Manchester to Dubai
  • £1475 p.p. London/Manchester to Dubai 
  • £1475 p.p. London/Manchester to Delhi
  • £1475 p.p. London/Manchester to Bangalore
  • £1900 p.p. London/Manchester to Hong Kong

two boats on a calm body of waterWhen You Can Fly

These deals are pretty wide open, with departures as soon as January 26th for flights all year in 2020. A Saturday night stay in your destination seems to be the only requirement, so you should be able to pull up these fares quite easily. The Nairobi deals are easiest to find for departures from London from Wednesday thru Sunday.

If you struggle to find availability on Swiss.com, or Lufthansa.com, there’s always Google Flights to help you find what you’re looking for, but really – these are wide open.

a screenshot of a computer screenHow To Book These First Class Flights

Booking is easy, if you follow the simple instructions that 1) you need to search for two (2) passengers and 2) that you need to stick to the cities above. There’s a strong rumour that Swiss and Lufthansa will add Asian destinations tomorrow, but if any of these cities are what you’re after, it really doesn’t get lower for first class travel – especially given the date flexibility.

You can book with Swiss here, and Lufthansa here.

Just search from your preferred airport to one of these destinations and you should see the prices with ease. It’s great fun to fly one airline one way, and the other on the way back, particularly so that you can experience the Lufthansa First Class Terminal!

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