Every once in a while we all need a good laugh and this one is courtesy of the IHG Hotel group. Being an elite member of an airline, hotel or… anything really often has its benefits. One you probably never expected, unless your elite status comes from a strip club, would be a sex chat hotline. Talk about a “dedicated” customer service number.

a woman handing a card to a man at a hotel reception

IHG this year announced their new top tier elite status for frequent hotel guests known as “Spire”. Naturally, the hotel wanted to send out the shiny membership cards to their top tier guests displaying this aspirational status and of course, provide a dedicated phone number for members to instantly reach a member of the IHG team for any hotel needs. Well, in a classic case of who on gods green earth is proof reading this sh*t, someone accidentally published a sex chat hotline phone number instead of the dedicated concierge number for the hotel chain. Sure enough, members who were thrilled to receive this piece of powerful plastic have likely had to pull out another piece of plastic for the time they’ve been billed for accidentally calling a sex chat hotline. I just can’t get over the fact that these cards were actually printed and distributed and the issue likely was only caught when someone got the surprise of a lifetime…

an old woman holding a card and talking on the phone

I can’t even imagine the “honey, dial the hotel, the number is saved on my phone” scenario. IHG will need to provide a lot more than a room upgrade to cool that situation! Have you received a “Spire” card? It could be one of the most useless but wonderful mementos of travel history! If you have a photo, I’d love to see! Oh, and of course, if you are a Spire member and need phone sex, you know the number!

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