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Putting aside travel costs and the “new norm” of testing requirements for many international travelers, the big remaining question is simple: is it even worth it, when you get there?

Taking a trip to a place where social distancing is still required and masks are expected to be worn, or indoor dining is closed might dull the experience. In Iceland, that was a fair question until last week, but no longer, as the country further loosens restrictions.

Iceland Drops Many Covid-19 Restrictions

First things first, vaccinated travelers can enter Iceland without the need for covid-19 testing from July 1st, which makes it an attractive option for a getaway, hot or cold! The EU added the USA to its list of ‘safe countries‘ recently, and Iceland has been the most aggressive to welcome outside visitors once again.

Now, Iceland isn’t just relatively easy to visit, it’s also easy to fully enjoy. The country has rolled back virtually all domestic covid-19 restrictions – meaning bars, restaurants, attractions and shops are operating pretty much as they were before the times of covid-19.

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Travelers can enjoy things indoors and out, and with Iceland’s boundless natural beauty, there’s plenty of reason to be outdoors anyway. Now, masks won’t be required virtually anywhere you go, perhaps outside of the airport.

Social distancing, limits on gatherings, mask-wearing, limits on opening hours are all removed as of midnight

Government of Iceland

This is huge news for people dreaming of visiting key sights along Ring Road, the Blue Lagoon, or the incredible glaciers, such as Vatnajökull National Park. Iceland is also a ‘green list’ country for many which currently restrict most outward travel, which makes for an even more attractive opportunity.

Iceland is always a perennial travel favorite, and of course, a very hot destination. With many airlines around the globe launching direct flights – and flight deals to match – it’s a good time to put the country on the travel radar. Particularly, before pre-pandemic levels of travel resume. Iceland was crazy crowded before things changed, but it’s just about perfect now.

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  1. But still the high cost of tests to return to the U.K.

    It will cost alot for a family of 4 or 5. This is what is killing U.K. aviation.

    Amazing country Iceland, highly recommended.

  2. Iceland is considered among the most beautiful countries in the world, we are always pleased and happy to see that foreign travellers are inspired by the natural beauty of Iceland.

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