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What if you could spend 100,000 points and get 25,000 back for next time? You can, and whether you’re using just a few points, or even more, you can get 15-25% back on your next World Of Hyatt Points booking, thanks to a fantastic new promo. Not only that, there are some perks when you stay, and opportunities to earn serious points even when you’re not staying. It’s good stuff, so here’s how to get some for yourself…

a room with a bed and a tvHyatt Rebate When You Use Points For Stays

Hyatt has traditionally been a very cool brand in that they don’t hate on you when you use points. Even points stays count toward elite status, and now points stays can actually earn you some points back, as a rebate. For World Of Hyatt Credit Card holders, you can enjoy 25% back on the points you burn for future stays, and for everyone else, it’s still a nice solid 15% back.

How does Hyatt’s new promo work? It’s pretty simple. You need to register by September 1st, and you need to complete your stay by October 8th, 2020. A maximum rebate of 30,000 points per transaction applies, and airline mile transfers don’t count. It’s for Hyatt stays, which is fair enough. Register here if you don’t have the Hyatt card, and here if you do.

Welcome bonus, earning rates and elite status aside, this promo is yet another reason to consider the World Of Hyatt Credit Card.

Park-Hyatt-Bangkok-Pool-DuskPoints For Dining, 3X Points Promo, Hotel Parking, Breakfast

Aside from giving you points back when you use points, Hyatt has quite an array of loyalty offers out at the moment. There’s currently a 3X bonus points promo on all paid stays, a 20% off rate with free breakfast, and through October 8th, all award stays get free parking.

Most intriguingly, Hyatt is reaching out to people who don’t have any interest in getting on a train, plane or automobile too, with a 3X points offer when you dine at a a Hyatt Hotel, without staying. There are some quality spots around the world, which makes this attractive. Unfortunately, you’ll need to call and ask the restaurant in advance if they’re participating, and you’ll need to give them your World Of Hyatt number when paying, but hey it’s 3X Points, which is nice.

Catch up on all the offers as you weigh up whether you’ll travel this summer. One thing is for certain, Hyatt has the loyalty welcome mat rolled out, and maybe even some velvet ropes too. It’s points raining from the sky, and perks too…

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