The future of travel is freaking big hotel chains out, whether they’ll admit it or not. Airbnb rocked the sleep scene with endless options in countless cities. But it’s the new companies bursting onto the scene carving out interesting new territory, like local apartment meets hotel services. Oasis is offering such a blend, bringing perks associated with fancy hotels to the comforts and localism of apartment rental. Hyatt, for one – is taking note.

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Hyatt is one of the largest hotel groups in the world, with 739 hotels in 57 countries. Oasis is a relative travel upstart, offering an Airbnb style apartment rental experience, but with perks and assurances of a major hotel. Guests have access to local fitness clubs, industry standard linens and even concierge services.


This is groundbreaking stuff. In a first of its kind arrangement, Hyatt is partnering with Oasis. Hyatt is making Oasis properties part of its “Unbound Collection“. This means Hyatt customers can book Airbnb style apartment experiences in over 20 cities, with Oasis. Wondering about earning and using points? That’s coming too.

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We’d call this voting with your feet. Hotel chains have long dismissed sharing economy companies such as Oasis and Airbnb. This is a significant nod that this new style of guest experience is here to stay, and arguably – something traditional customers may soon demand. Oasis will benefit from increased bookings, and Hyatt will be at the forefront of cutting edge travel trends.


Now! Oasis is now part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt. According to the Oasis website, the service will also become a part of the World of Hyatt program. This means guests could potentially earn or redeem Hyatt points while staying in curated apartments, just like they would with Airbnb – who for now, is yet to launch a loyalty program.


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  1. This isn’t exactly a “new” thing as this happened like 4 months ago and was all over the blogs then. You just found out about it now?

  2. Actually, no, it didn’t happen officially now. I made a booking in October with this new partnership.

    1. Did you earn points telepathically, because that still hasn’t happened and is a main focus of the article. Which is new. Since you know everything, why click? Thanks for the dollars though.

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