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Does elite status even matter right now? If you earn Hyatt’s top tier ‘Globalist’ status, it’d be hard to say no. The elite status is one of the most generous when it comes to benefits on every stay, even when you use points, including complimentary upgrades to standard suites, waived resort fees, breakfast for two and more.

Sound like a vacation? you bet.

Hyatt Globalist From 1/4 The Nights

Unless the world really has gone to $#!t, it’s fair to say this isn’t a normal year by any means. Travel, particularly, is at a standstill, with many countries still closed and many people choosing to stay home until better news comes.

To help people keep their favorite travel perks with a bit more safety, Hyatt is lowering the number of nights you’ll need to earn this top tier ‘Globalist’ status in 2021, and the status will last until 2023! In a normal year, you’d need 60 nights to hit Globalist, but this next year in 2021 it’s just 30.

But look, 30 nights is still quite a lot, particularly for leisure travelers. What if you could do it in just 15 though? That, all of a sudden, becomes far more achievable. A two week vacay would pretty much take care of it.

Let’s again remind you of why you care. How does unlimited suite upgrades until 2023 upon check in, until 2023, and free breakfast sound?


What’s incredible, is that at the same time Hyatt dropped the overall requirement in half, they also have a promotion where you can earn double. In this instance, a half and a double combine to mean you can earn top tier status in just 15 nights, which is a quarter of the usual requirement. If you already have the World Of Hyatt Credit Card, it’s even fewer.

How To Make This Happen

Hyatt allows you to earn nights on stays whether you pay points, or cash! That means you could literally earn top tier status just using points. However you divvy up your stays, if you…

  1. Register for “Bonus Journeys” here.
  2. Stay 15 nights checking out between Jan 1, 2021 – February 28th, 2021.
  3. You’ll earn World Of Hyatt Globalist through Feb 28th, 2023.

Bonus nights are awarded at the end of the promo, after Feb 28th, so the status won’t likely kick in instantly, if you were to say… complete it on Jan 15th, 2021. You’d likely need to wait around a month, until the end of February.

By any calculation, 15 nights of hotel stays is an investment, whether you’re talking in points, cash, or a combination of the two. And remember; you must book direct with Hyatt to earn the nights. Expedia and other bookings won’t count.

If the status was only going to get you until the end of the year, or beginning of 2022, you could say “meh”, probably not worth it. But….

Travel will recover, and whether it’s mid 2021, or 2022, having unlimited upgrades, 4PM check out, breakfast for two and other perks on all stays is a huge way to spice up your future travels, all the way until February of 2023.

World Of Hyatt Globalist

These benefits apply at all World Of Hyatt Hotels, and mean you can turn stays at even the most luxurious hotels into something epic. All the complimentary standard suite upgrades are subject to availability, but with fewer people traveling, you should have even better luck than usual. Either way, you’ve got late check out, breakfast and more.

Oh, and resort fees are waived on paid stays and points stays, which is massive.

Making matters about earning the status even more jazzy, paid stay rates are typically at yearly lows from January through February. And yes, even the lowest priced Hyatt’s count toward this, though of course if you’re going to stay somewhere it’s nice to make it nice! And yes, you can also achieve this by using points.

It wasn’t at all hard to find paid rates in hotels in Europe, the USA and beyond starting around $60 per night, and plenty more around $120.

If you’ve already stayed a few nights in 2020, you can do the math on how many you’ll need to book, knowing everything in the present counts as double. And if you haven’t stayed at all this year, this is arguably the most reasonable opportunity to earn top tier Hyatt status ever offered.

Read up on the latest Hyatt update FAQ’s to be sure you play this right for you, here.


This may be the first time in my entire life I’ve ever considered a “Mattress Run”. While many will think Hyatt is giving too much of the big game away, I’d argue they’re doing exactly the opposite.

Anyone who takes this offer up is going to become less price conscious, and more brand conscious for stays over the next two years, as travel recovers. In other words, they’re going to want to stay at a Hyatt first and foremost, and then consider other factors. That means Hyatt will win on the upside of the travel recovery.

I’d rather pay $250 a night at a World Of Hyatt property where I’m going to enjoy huge benefits than $220 a night at a place where I’m entitled to nothing more than a bed. It’s a bold loyalty move, which has even me, a devout hotel loyalty atheist considering giving in…

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  1. Isn’t it 15 nights between 1/1/21 and 2/28/21?

    Nights between now and 1/1 only count once for 2021 (and once for 2020). From 1/1 each night will count twice for 2021.

  2. Dear Gilbert,
    In case I’d proceed as follows:
    1. Enroll to World Of Hyatt
    2. Register for “Bonus Journeys”
    3. Stay 15 nights between December 11, 2020 – December 26, 2020
    Would it be enough to be granted with Globalist until February of 2023?
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    1. Hey Nicholas, No. This sadly wouldn’t work. Stays in 2020 count once for this year, and once for next, so you’d have 15 nights for 2021, rather than 30. However, if you started staying December 17th, and checked out in January 2021 (single stay) it would work.

  3. Hey Gilbert,

    Does this need to be one 15 night stay or can it be broken into a few stays?

    I am already planning a 6 night stay in January. I recon I could get the extra 9 days off though maybe not in one hit.

    If doing multiple bookings all checking out in January would this work?

    1. Hey, absolutely can (and usually would be) multiple stays in Jan and Feb. Most people achieving this organically would be on short work/leisure stays and collect a cumulative 15 nights. Cheers!

  4. Hey Gilbert, while we get Globalist after the 15 stays, I’m confused about the milestone rewards. In order to get the 2 Suite night awards, do we still have to reach 50 nights without the double nights promo?

    1. Hey Michael, so as Globalist you’re always upgraded up to standard suites if availability exists.

      If you want confirmed suite upgrades you can redeem at booking, rather than check in, those do come at the milestone levels. I believe they’re halved as well, so 25 actual nights would trigger 2 (for 50 with double credits), an additional 10 would trigger another 2 (for 60 with double credits), I think.

  5. I was given Hyatt Globalist by a specific hotel to get my business just before COVID, so haven’t actually stayed at a single Hyatt yet, but it was my plan to migrate from Marriott due to the reluctance of Suite Upgrades.

    Your article makes bold statements about Suite Upgrades and I imagine that this is from Hyatt T&Cs, but how realistic is it?

    I’ve spent many years arguing with Hilton/Marriott front desk employees, showing them the terms of Diamond/Platinum and the available rooms in their hotel. Is Hyatt different?

    1. Generally, brands are very good at recognizing suite upgrades for Globalist. I find any city with frequent business travel traffic goes out of its way to cater to Globalist and win business. Of course, you’ll get the odd hotel where you need to ask “are there no standard suites available”, but I’d say it’s more exception to rule, than rule of thumb.

    2. I have Marriott titanium for years and its usually like Andrew says. A very disagreeable battle with front desk. Im tired of it and I want to certainly get Globalist and give Hyatt a try. So do my colleagues so let Marriott take note . They might lose a lot of elite clients.

      “I’ve spent many years arguing with Hilton/Marriott front desk employees, showing them the terms of Diamond/Platinum and the available rooms in their hotel. Is Hyatt different?”

  6. Hi Gilbert, this is intriguing. Like you, I’ve never focussed on hotel status awards, usually just booking whatever seemed best value wherever we travel (leisure only).
    Could you give me an idea of which would be the cheapest UK and Europe rooms to look at for this, given the likely continuing UK travel restrictions into 2021?

    1. Hyatt West Hayes – £52 a night. Wonder if the ol’ “Do Not Disturb” Sign on the door for 15 days can work

        1. This is good if you don’t already have Globalist, but my understanding is statuses are fixed til Feb 2022?

          I don’t want to live in a world where I won’t reach 30 nights during 2021, so probably no need to do a mattress run.

  7. So if I ‘stayed’ 30 nights (£52×30 = £1,560), will that give all the benefits of 60 nights:

    2x Club Lounge Awards
    1x Category 1-4 Free Award Night
    1x $100 Gift Card
    4x Suite Upgrade Awards?

    1. Also, are all of these awards valid until 2023? Can we earn 4x Suite awards in Jan 2021 and they’re valid to be used up to 2023?

  8. Thanks for pointing this out. Doing this 100% for my upcoming visit to Dubai. It’s a smart move from Hyatt. I was going to book Hilton (Diamond), but getting top status with Hyatt is the new priority.

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