chairs on a deck overlooking a vineyard
The Alila Napa Valley. Flights into Santa Rosa make reaching wine country easier.

Where is travel going? Is it vacationing in a huge high-rise in a crowded city? Maybe, but many people are pointing their plans towards destinations with stunning outdoors, boutique feel and places where all the best food, wine and pampering comes to you. If that’s sounding a lot like Napa, you’re spot on.

After a recent makeover, Hyatt has acquired a top hotel in Napa, which makes for an instantly exciting new way to earn and spend points in the ever enviable valleys of California.

Las Alcobas Becomes Alila Napa Valley

In recent years, Hyatt acquired the Alila hotel brand, a highly desirable boutique luxury group operating some of the finest hotels in the world. Truly, they’re extremely high end and always set in a memorable location.

Hyatt also took things a step further, integrating these hotels into the World of Hyatt loyalty program, so members could both earn and redeem points at this aspirational hotels.

a patio with chairs and a fire pit overlooking a vineyard

Now, after a shuffling and a makeover, one of the more well known luxury hotels in Napa, the Las Alcobas property formerly of Marriott’s Luxury Collection, is changing flags to Alila, which means it will become a part of the World Of Hyatt program.

The hotel is expected to open in March of 2021, meaning there’s not long to wait, before an exciting new travel option presents itself. It’s not like the chic hotel wasn’t already stunning, so expectation is set quite high. Think: rolling hills, fine wines, stone accents and an eco-luxe feel throughout.

Big News for World Of Hyatt

Whether you’re paying cash, or looking to cash in points, this is nothing but good news. World Of Hyatt members will be able to enjoy waived resort fees when they cash in points, and elite benefits such as free breakfast for some members is expected to be honored.

wine glasses from a bar

Full details have yet to be announced, but it’s widely assumed the hotel will feature into Hyatt’s 8th tier, which would cost 40,000 points per night. If by some miracle it lands at a lower tier, cheers to that!

Don’t forget, Hyatt currently offers a rebate when you use points for near term travel.

Cash rates aren’t exactly “cheap” here, so if you’re on a paid stay, it’s nice to earn a boat load of World of Hyatt Points for another time, while elite members in the World of Hyatt program will also likely be able to receive standard suite upgrades and all the benefits like breakfast which make loyalty worthwhile.

Basically, your next Napa stay just got upgraded.


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  1. Why would you expect this to be Cat 8?

    The other two Alila properties in the US (Ventana Big Sur & Marea Beach) are Cat 7 & Cat 6, respectively. Also, I think most if not all of Cat 8 properties are SLH properties.

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