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With nice round trip flights and 5 nights hotel. Seriously…

Congratulations. By clicking and arriving here, you’re a step closer to realizing that the world is smaller than you think and more reasonably affordable to experience than virtually anyone would ever believe. You may also help boost the surprisingly low percentage of US travelers who ever make it abroad. You totally should, because there are legitimate deals out there from the world’s best airlines and booking websites, which bring round trip flights plus up to five nights of hotels under $476 per person. That’s nothing short of bonkers, and it’s exciting, because you can actually book it…

romePackage Deals Are Really Real And Awesome

Flight and hotel package deals are the simplest and most effective travel trick people overlook. No one is going to argue that they make perfect sense, but just roll with it. How it can be cheaper to book flights and hotels for less than the cost of flights alone – we may never know, but who cares. You can and that’s all that matters. No airline has been more aggressive in this pursuit than British Airways. As of this moment, right now, you can book package deals for two people with British Airways flights and five nights of hotel in Barcelona for $476 per person or Rome for $499 per person. If London is your cup of tea, those are available for $549 per person. The key: get to a major city. And if you want to fly in a fancier cabin, there are package deals for that too…

It’s Often Worth A Little Travel To Save

These headline prices are real and bookable, the only catch is they are usually from major cities where stiff competition brings the lowest prices. Columbus, Ohio just doesn’t have enough major international airlines fighting it out to get these deals. If you can drive, use points or find a really cheap flight, it can absolutely be worth getting to a major city such as New York, where these particular deals are quoted from.

a group of people walking in a parkBooking For Two Is The Magic Travel Sauce

So what’s the secret? It’s booking for two. By sharing a room with (anyone you can stand) you’re able to lock in special airfare and bundle up on hotel. Without using points or becoming a travel wizard, there’s just no other way to experience an incredible international destination, let alone Europe for $476 per person, with flights that include food, beverages and all the good stuff; as well as great hotels for five nights on the other end. If someone told you – you could fly round trip to Rome, Italy, and have five nights in a great hotel for $476 per person you would’ve thought they were crazy just mere years ago.

How To Book These Package Deals Right Now

Five nights in Barcelona for $476, Rome for $499 or five in London for $549? The more schedule flexibility you have the better. These aren’t the kind of deals where you can often say I want to go April 14th and it just magically happens. It may, but you’ll do best if you let the airline or booking website tell you when the crazy low deals are available and work backwards from there. That’s what vacation days are for. And taking vacation days means fewer tourists too. For these great deals, the best prices are Barcelona or Rome in February or March – or New York to London in February. To book these particular British Airways deals, head here. You’ll figure out the rest pretty easily.

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  1. You forgot to include the charges British Airways necessitate for:
    Seat reservation
    Food and drink (for connecting BA shorthaul)
    Baggage beyond 23kgs
    An osteopath (try a non reclining 29″ pitch over 2hrs)
    Reliable insurance and it better be a comprehensive policy
    Call charges when you try to get assistance
    Time and energy spent dealing with any changes / post flight issues

  2. Great suggestion! Is there a way that you can stay longer after your hotel stay and travel to other destinations? I don’t want to be limited to just 5 nights .

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