Six months ago, the UK’s revolutionary Curve card was a must have for uber travel nerds. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of cards, allowing you to load all your credit cards and debit cards onto one card, and switch seamlessly via the Curve app. No more clunky wallet. With recent developments like 0% foreign transaction fees when you use any of your credit cards abroad via Curve, and the imminent resurgence of using Amex in the app, it’s now a must have for any UK traveler. If you get the card via a friend or referral, you get £5 free (and the card is free) which is a really cool deal. The only problem: most people don’t actually know how to unlock their free money!

Register For Curve Card

First, you should really learn why its awesome. For starters, you can use your credit card abroad to earn points, but dodge the foreign transaction fees. Curve makes all transactions in GBP, so a card you’d usually get hit with a 3% fee when used abroad won’t get hit! That’s right, you can earn 1000’s of points abroad without paying any silly fees to earn them. If you already have Curve skip on, but if you don’t go here and enter C5CFD to get your £5 free when you sign up. It’s free and we get a £5 too, so coffee on us! *terms and conditions apply to that free coffee* ; )

Once You’re In

Once you’re in the Curve app and have received your sharp looking Curve Mastercard, you need to load a credit card or debit card to get fully set up. From that point on, you can use Curve to spend on all your cards, just by using the app. Switching between them takes a mere second. If for example you loaded a NatWest credit or debit card, you could immediately spend on that by using your Curve card. Just select it in the app, and actually tap it, just like the finger says to officially select it. To get your £5 free, you just need to make a normal purchase with the card.

Spend Some Dough

Now that the card is selected, just go to your favorite supermarket, bar, coffee shop, clothing shop or any place you spend money, and spend some money using one of your linked credit or debit cards via your Curve card. Your first Curve transaction MUST be dope using chip & pin, but then each transaction thereafter can be done using contactless. Once you’ve done your first chip & pin transaction with a linked credit or debit card, you can switch over to your rewards. Every time you refer someone, you’ll get another £5 when they make their first purchase and of course, they get £5 too. 

Cash In Rewards

If you want to know how much money you have in Curve Rewards, just move the decimal over twice. For example this “500 Point” balance means you have £5 to spend. You can’t go over, so the best thing to do is spend just under, or make an even £5 transaction. Nothing wrong with asking the bar man to put £5 on the card and the rest in cash. Again, for everyone you refer, who then gets the card and does the same, it’s another fiver for you. That can add up nicely! To use your “free” Curve Rewards cash, just switch from your linked card and tap the Curve Rewards card in the app and make your transaction, just like you did above. When you’re out of free rewards, don’t forget to switch back to another card afterwards!

Do you use Curve?

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