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Score Round Trip Business Class Tickets To Europe With Just Two Credit Cards…

People feel overwhelmed with the “smoke and mirrors” aspect of turning credit cards into free flights. If you’re one of those people- you’re not alone. It’s complicated stuff. Even when earning rewards, it’s often hard to figure out how many points are needed or how to book the flights you want- so we’ve synthesized it all down. Here are two credit cards which will net you business class flights from the U.S. to Europe round trip, and how to book the tickets.

an airplane with seats and windowsCard #1 Delta Skymiles Amex Platinum

The Elevator Pitch: You’ll get a whopping 70,000 miles you can use and 10,000 other non useable miles which help you earn elite status. You also get first bag free for everyone in your reservation on all Delta flights as well as priority boarding. You also earn $100 back on any Delta purchase made within the first three months. 70,000 miles is enough for one way in business to Europe, or round trip in economy.

What You Need To Do For Your 70,000 Points: Spend 3k within 3 months. Here are our tips for easily meeting these requirements without over extending yourself. The annual fee is $195, but you get a companion ticket in addition to your unlimited first checked bag and priority boarding, where a second person flies for free (about $5.60) on your account anniversary, so you can take a friend or loved one. The bag savings alone can more than cover the fee. You can of course cancel at any point after you’ve earned and redeemed your 70,000 points.

How To Book Business Class: 70,000 is exactly how many points you need for one way business class- so when your 70,000 miles pop into your account, it’s on- and it’s easy. Simply head over to, enter your starting city and ideal destination. Before searching, press “price in miles” rather than money. Use the flexible calendar to find flights that are 70,000 points one way. Done, enjoy!

a seat in an airplaneCard #2 American Airlines Barclays Aviator Red Mastercard

The Elevator Pitch: This is a game changer. With just one card and no spending requirement you’ll get more than enough miles needed for a one way business class ticket between the US and Europe in either direction on American Airlines. The annual fee is $95, but you get unlimited first bag free and priority boarding on all American flights. With the launch of basic economy, this could save you hundreds, potentially even thousands per year- not to mention the free business class flight.

What You Need To Do For Your 60,000 Points: Like coffee? Tea? Shopping on amazon or eating breakfast? That’s all you’ll need to secure these points. One single purchase, any purchase will trigger the 60,000 point bonus. More than enough for the 57,500 required for a one way business class flight to Europe.

How To Book Business Class: Much like Delta, American make it really easy. All you need to do is go to, and search for flights and press “redeem miles” in the top right corner of the search box. If you press flexible dates, you’ll see an entire calendar month of availability, making it easy to find dates where 57,500 is all you need to book this wonderful deal.

a glass of champagne on a tableWe don’t get anything out of this from the credit card companies. We just think flying business class is cool, not having to pay for it is even cooler and spicing up a vacation with some flat beds certainly beats the increasingly cramped seats of economy. Getting two credit cards and using them responsibly should not significantly impact your financial future, so figure out if it makes sense for you and your circumstances and get on it. Europe is amazing and getting there in a bed, with champagne, steak and all the good stuff makes it even better.

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