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Alexa, order me a drink from the hotel bar…

Raise your hand if you hate waiting in line. Note: you don’t actually need to raise your hand, and if you’re in public – please put it down now. Now that we’ve confirmed we’re all on the same page, it’s time to take a look at how hotels are making every step of the hotel journey, into a blissful, tech based experience. From room service requests to biometric check in, here are the coolest things coming to a hotel near you. You may never leave a bad TripAdvisor review again…

a person holding a phone in front of a towerRoom Customization Via Mobile App

Hilton made big waves in the last couple years, offering mobile app users the ability to pick their own hotel room, via 3D maps – but that was just the beginning. Hilton’s “connected room” tech will allow mobile app users to save their Netflix, Spotify and other profiles, which will automatically sync to the TV. In addition, favorite settings like room temperature and blinds can be controlled via the app, without leaving bed. Marriott is said to be launching a similar system imminently.

Facial Recognition Check In

If your hotel doesn’t offer mobile room keys, and check in from your phone, you may still be able to bypass the check in queues. Marriott and Alibaba have combined to present the first facial recognition check in option at 2 Chinese test hotels. Using “Fliggy”, Alibaba’s travel platform, guests can simply scan their ID, take a picture and have room keys dispensed in mere seconds. Expect this to roll out around the world in the near future.

close up of a credit cardBooking Via Facebook Messenger

Hyatt was one of the first hotel brands to partner with Facebook Messenger. Using the platform, World Of Hyatt members can do everything from order room service to book their next stay. Chat bots and reps are available to handle a variety of needs, without even needing to exit the app you’re inevitably sitting on. Admit it, you were probably on Facebook Messenger before clicking this…

Room Service Via Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, order me another burger please”. Apparently, picking up the phone is too much to ask from travelers who wish to have food brought to them, rather than walk 15 feet and take an elevator to a nearby restaurant. To make things even easier, Marriott and Amazon have partnered to bring Alexa to hotel rooms around the world, capable of ordering room service, asking for housekeeping and even asking for dinner recommendations – if you can make it out of the room.

a pool with chairs and tablesPreview Hotels In Virtual Reality

Anyone can take a glossy picture, but it’s hard to fake it in 360°. Many hotels now offer virtual reality previews of each room, some where guests can even “walk around” via VR headsets. This emerging platform for booking is designed to help hotels sell you, while tempting you to upgrade to a room you’ll actually need to “walk around” in to reach the bedroom. You can even find many of the virtual reality samples on TripAdvisor.

Have you utilized any of these features?

Featured image courtesy of the Andaz Tokyo.

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