I feel the same way about earning miles as I do about a glass of wine, I never mind a top off. Everyone likes making money while they sleep, and airline frequent flier miles can be more valuable than cash when used cleverly. With the “hotel discounter” market saturated, a spinoff to the traditional hotel discounter has occurred: hotel booking sites that offer major air miles for your hotel stays. 

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There are two major players in the game: Pointshound.com and Rocketmiles.com (click to visit). Each site offers the ability to earn miles from almost any airline program of your choosing simply for booking a hotel stay through them. There is no cap on how many miles you can earn and a typical work or vacation booking can net you 10-50,000 miles. I’ve recently seen cases where customers earned over 65,000 miles from a single stay! In general the pricier the hotel, the longer the stay, the more miles you earn, though there are exceptions. I just ran a simple search on Rocketmiles for two nights in New York City and found I could earn 10,000 miles in the currency of my choosing for the two night stay. The best way to maximize miles earned by booking through these sites is to make sure the results are filtered by “most miles” rather than “recommended”. 

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I never mind a top off. If I am going to be forking out for a hotel regardless, why not earn a ton of miles which can help offset the cost of a future trip? If I earned 50,000 American Airlines miles for my hotel stay, I could fly round trip Business Class between New York and San Francisco in a bed just for sleeping….in a bed. Give it a whirl, plug in some dates and see what kind of miles are offered. I’ll be curious to see which site you find better!

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