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There’s no shortage of luxury hotels in Singapore. It’s actually hard to even think of a city where there are more rigorous and exacting standards of service at every property you encounter. So when Hyatt decided to open an Andaz concept hotel in this luxury filled city, many travellers were left scratching their head, wondering what a new hotel could add to the mix. It turns out, a lot. While I’ve always had great stays in Singapore, I felt quite at home at the Andaz.

The Andaz Singapore Property

The Andaz Singapore is located in an enviable location, within minutes walk of many important city landmarks. But for me, I knew I was in heaven when I realised that the hotel was directly across the street from Atlas, which I’d firmly regarded as the best bar in Singapore, and probably top 5 in the world.

For non cocktail nerds, you’re in walking distance to Haji Lane, minutes from Raffles Hospital, across from Bugis shopping centre, 15 minutes from downtown, 15 minutes from Little India and a 25 minute walk from Gardens By The Bay, and even closer to Marina Bay.

Singapore isn’t a massive city, but for getting everywhere you may want to go in a short amount of time, I’d argue in favour of this location in most fights. Other places you may be closer to the Gardens, but so much further from everything else, or vice vera.

The hotel is set atop the highest floors of a multi functional tower building, with really solid food options and MRT (metro) access directly below the building. You can find everything from Poke bowls to refined Japanese and bagels directly under the building. But let’s be real, it’s Singapore, so you really should venture elsewhere, no matter how tired you are.

Check In And First Impressions

Nice digs.

I followed the clearly marked signs to the entrance, which I believe to be on the 25th floor, give or take a few floors. Like all Andaz Hotels, the lobby avoids the cookie cutter cliches, and working desks used by front of house staff feel more collaborative than the intimidating counters elsewhere. I was offered a lovely and refreshing drink while the standard formalities took place, and the staff made sure to address and recognize the benefits of my booking.

The lobby check in area offers a couple restaurants, including where most guests take in breakfast, and I was also given a couple drink coupons to head up to Mr. Stork, the rooftop bar with great skyline views.

The Andaz Singapore King Room

I took the elevator up to my room and loved the beautiful accents and tones of the hallways during the short walk. It was immaculate clean, quiet and well looked after. My interior design terminology lacks only my art knowledge, but the interior felt like a great mix of pan-asian concepts, including tranquil plant areas reminiscent of the Andaz Tokyo and Japanese zen, and stained wood tones that reflect the heritage of Singapore and Southeast Asia et al.

My room felt like a corridor of soft tones, all leading to one main room. I say that with affection. There was an odd shape to the room, but that meant that my actual bedroom was tucked well away from the hall. For guests who hate hall or elevator noise, it couldn’t have been better. The only downside was barely being able to hear the knock from room service!

I hate not having space to lay out my luggage, and that was not an issue here. The room offered a large closet, but also a great working bench, table area which could serve a variety of purposes. It felt like a suite without being one, and by any city hotel standards, this was a large room. Great views, nice motorized blinds and a minimalist clean feel all really come together here to feel like a true five star experience.

But no hotel experience of any star rating is worth a damn if it isn’t up to modern standard.

This room did an excellent job of providing power ports at all the necessary locations, including the bedside table, and also had intuitive controls to customize the room as you wish without leaving bed. In the afternoon I loved the sheer blinds to diffuse Singapore’s powerful sun, and at night I adored the true blackout blinds to allow wink free sleep.

The wireless Bose Soundport dock was also a nice touch which I chose to use while getting ready to head out. I walked to the hallway to check if I was being rude, and to my delight, the rooms were very well sound proofed. I’d give this Andaz Singapore King Room a really solid 9.5/10, and I can’t even really tell you why it’s not a 10. Maybe it’s just the awkward shape of the hallways, but then again they make it feel more like an apartment than a hotel room, which is kinda nice when you’re over 7,000 miles from home.

View from Andaz Singapore Mr. Stork rooftop bar.

Andaz Singapore Facilities And Amenities

Unfortunately for late sleepers, nothing helps combat jet lag like an invigorating workout. Like many Andaz properties I’ve stayed at throughout the years, I found the gym to be of the highest standard in terms of functional workout equipment. It’s got the cliched machines overused by meatheads, but also things like TRX bands, free weights and other modern kit that make for well rounded sessions.

As to restaurants, I had an amazing Pandan cake from the lobby restaurant, and enjoyed the wide ranging selection at breakfast. The Andaz Singapore breakfast seemingly offers everything. I had paratha, a western omelette, fresh fruit and could’ve gone much further with a full Chinese, Japanese and Indian selection beyond the pastries and everything else.

The room service Nasi Goreng was also seriously worth a shout. It rivalled some of the better versions I’ve had in Singapores most famous Hawker Stalls.

Mr. Stork, the rooftop bar at the Andaz Singapore was a lively place which seemed to offer a steady mix of locals and travellers alike. Prices are traditionally steep, like any place with a fantastic city view, but the drinks were of great standard and the wine list was solid too. Most importantly: the rooftop pool was everything you’d hope it to be.

Final Thoughts – I’ll Be Back

They had me from the start being mere steps from the best bar in Singapore, but the friendly service, flexible dining options and the sophisticatedly homey rooms made me feel at ease. I was sad to leave the city the next day, as always, but I was also sad to miss out on another Andaz breakfast and a room with true blackout blinds. This is a great option in the city with convenient access to everything, and at least during my dates – the price was right for a five star hotel.

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