Some opportunities are too good to be missed, even if they are not completely obvious. With travel more popular than ever, hotels are eager to poach their competitors best customers, by offering complimentary “elite guest” status matches. These completely free matches can offer upgrades, late check out, breakfast and other great perks – and you lose nothing for taking one. You keep your current status the entire time. Best Western is offering a “no catch” status match, which is absolutely worth taking up. Here’s why…

a bed with a lamp and a chair in a roomThe Offer

Best Western is offering a “no catch” status match. They’ll match virtually any currently valid hotel status to their corresponding status. Though Best Western lacks many of the highest end properties, they offer solid options in many locations, especially with the addition of Best Western Plus. The match can be completed online by simply mailing a copy of your elite status card or a recent statement. Check out more status opportunities here.

Why It Matters

Obviously, it’s great secure lovely benefits for when you stay at a Best Western hotel, but there’s more to it. Many status match offers will only match certain elite statuses and will often exclude statuses which aren’t competitive in the US, Europe or beyond. But by taking advantage of this match, you give yourself another status which could be exactly what another match opportunity requires.

How To Match

First, you need to make a Best Western loyalty program account, if you don’t already have one. It’s free, here. Second, fill out this PDF. Next, scan or copy of your current elite hotel card, or recent statement. Finally, send an email to with the PDF form, and copy of your card or elite statement. If you prefer, you can instead mail your request to: Attn: Awards Dept. PO Box 42007 Phoenix, AZ 85080. Best Western will match your status with “no catch” giving you nice new perks and opportunity to pick up further perks with other exciting chains.

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  1. They matched my platinum IHG status to diamond select, I wonder if I can now use my best western status to get diamond Hilton status rather than just gold?

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