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It’s fair to say that Asia is one very, very large area. It’s also fair to say that if you’re going to travel around a very large area, flying business class is ideal. After all, 6+ hours on a plane always feels better in a bed than in an increasingly cramped economy seat. There are a few incredible deals out at the moment, which make jet setting around Asia a breeze. Act fast…

$366 Business Class Kuala Lumpur To Delhi, India Round Trip

If you want to experience 6+ hours of delightful, flat bed business class on the way to and from India, these deals are impossible to beat. For just $366 round trip, you can fly direct on Malaysia’s A330, a great aircraft with their newest seats. India is always an exciting experience and now the ride can be (almost) as much fun as the destination. Amazing deal.

Dates: This deal is widely available from December 2017- end of March 2018.

Booking Link: Deals to Delhi. Simply change dates around to your liking.

$494- $545 Business Class- Taipei To Bali Or Singapore Round Trip

Malaysia Airlines has launched extremely aggressive deals out of Taipei to win the travel market to Bali and Singapore. For just $494 to Singapore or $545 to Bali round trip, you can experience business class, albeit not a flat bed- just a comfy seat with great meals. This is an excellent deal, and a nice opportunity to enjoy Malaysia’s lounges in Kuala Lumpur along the way.

Dates: This deal is widely available from November 2017- end of April 2018.

Booking Link: Deals to Bali. Deals to Singapore. Simply change dates to ones that work for you.

$789+ Business Class Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok to Seoul, South Korea Round Trip

Yep, it’s Malaysia Airlines again. The airline wants to prove that they offer one of the best business class experiences in Asia, so they’ve knocked prices down to extreme lows. Believe it or not, these flights have been even lower before! For just $789 round trip you can spend 6+ hours in flat beds from Kuala Lumpur, and for just a hundred bucks more, you can depart Bangkok round trip.

Dates: These deals are widely available from November 2017- end of March 2018.

Booking Link: Here’s the Kuala Lumpur deal and heres the Bangkok deal.

And One Tip…

These flights will earn tons of points with many airlines. Be sure to earn points for these flights, especially with airlines like British Airways where you’ll easily get close to elite airline status, which gives you benefits every time you fly, for an entire year, even when you fly economy…

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