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British Airways is giving serious reasons to find a travel buddy. Overlooked by many, their travel packages offer (sometimes) absurd discounts if you book flights and hotels together. If you can find a travel partner in crime, you can score flights plus two nights in a five star hotel, in top European cities- for just £126 per person.

a bridge over a river with buildings and treesThe Deals

This is like a travel addicts candy store. British Airways offer discounts over £650 if you book your entire trip through them. By searching their “City Breaks” section, you can find round trip flights on British Airways with two nights in a five star hotel for £126 per person, all in. These deals are available in amazing cities like Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and many more. Some examples include…

£126 Flights + 2 Nights At Five Star Corinthia Hotel Prague

£126 Flights + 2 Nights At Five Star NH Fira Suites Barcelona

£144 Flights + 2 Nights At Five Star The Vault Istanbul. 

a city with a castle in the backgroundThe Dates

We found £126 deals (and booked some) in February, March, April and May. Even for peak summer dates in July, August, September, many deals are still available for £30 more. 

a plane flying above the cloudsBooking

These deals are available worldwide as well. There’s significant value with flights and hotels to places like Dubai starting at £350 all in. But these European deals are impossible to argue with. £126 per person for flights and five star hotels for weekend breaks is phenomenal. You can book and search these deals here. You can change the number of nights, adjust hotels to four star (for even better deals) amongst other things. And you earn bonus points for booking these packages, on top of earning standard points and miles! Enjoy.

Are you taking advantage of these exceptional deals?

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  1. What about the chiropractors bills / seat /baggage / refreshments charges after flying short haul economy with them? Double the price?

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