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There’s two main reasons for ever buying Emirates Skywards miles, but both are pretty good. One, turning a flight booked in economy into lovely business class, and the other – redeeming miles for Emirates swoon worthy first class.

If either tickles your fancy, there’s a limited time opportunity to top off your account balance at the lowest ever price, with a 100% bonus when you buy Emirates Skywards miles. Here’s why it might be a great idea.

Update: this offer has ended. If you’re here a day late, consider reading GSTP daily. A 45% bonus still applies though.

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Emirates Offering 100% Bonus Buying Miles

Emirates is currently offering a 100% bonus when you buy miles, but only for today. The offer expires tonight, at midnight, or perhaps even sooner based on time zones. If you buy 20,000 miles, you’d get 40,000 miles – and so forth. All purchases over 5,000 miles enjoy the 100% bonus.

This allows you to buy miles at prices nearly 1 pence in GBP, or around 1.5 cents per point in USD. My account shows up in GBP, and prices break down as follows. You can buy up to 100,000 miles, with a 100,000 bonus, giving you 200,000 miles for £2,232.

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Why You Might Want Emirates Skyward Miles

Emirates has been leading a charge among airlines to make roundabout ways to use points a thing of the past. Mainly, it’s eliminating the ability to book Emirates First Class with miles other than Skywards miles.

Japan Airlines and Alaska Air both recently announced redeeming their miles for First Class with Emirates would no longer be possible. It’s a trend, and it’s going to continue.

Emirates allows you to upgrade almost any economy fare directly to business class, and upgrades cost between 25,000 to 60,000 miles each way, depending on factors like how cheap the ticket you booked is, and how long the flight is. If you have some miles, but could use some more, it’s great to acquire them cheaply.

If flying first class is the dream, Emirates has many opportunities to fly their stunning first class suites, some of which even include on board showers (!), for under 100,000 points one way.

Emirates First Class Champagne

London to Dubai is 85,000 points one way in Emirates First Class, for example, or 150,000 round trip. Taxes and surcharges are well below the likes of most European airlines, so the values can be extremely good. It’s not uncommon to make the price up in Dom Perignon on board.

You can calculate how many miles you’ll need for any flight redemption here.

Being able to buy 43,000 miles, and end up with 86,000 for a highly reasonable figure makes this very tempting, at prices you’d never ever find if you were paying cash for Emirates First Class.

Is This Highest Ever Emirates Bonus It For You?

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with flexibility, who can find the perfect date when Emirates First Class availability, or business class upgrades exist, and make use of their miles.

If you have no flexibility, or already have millions of Emirates Skywards Miles, or miles with a credit card partner of Emirates, like Chase, Amex, or Capital One, then there’s no point in spending money.

If buying miles is for you, you can buy them at this very rare, record high bonus until the end of the day here.

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