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If you thought Qatar Airways and Delta were the only airlines currently offering privacy doors in business class, you’d be mistaken. China Eastern recently launched it’s first A350 fleet, and the planes have been installed with an incredibly polished business class suite. We’re talking full scale privacy door and state of the art electronics.

It’s an amazing way to fly, and thanks to a cool sale, you can give it a fresh spin to Shanghai for just £1050 round trip from Budapest to Shanghai via Amsterdam.

a row of seats in an airplaneThe A350 Suite Deals

The Airbus A350 is quickly becoming the go-to plane of frequent flyers thanks to its many jet lag reducing innovations, like decreased noise, more natural cabin pressure and cool mood lighting. China Eastern is now flying their brand new A350 fleet between Amsterdam and Shanghai, and their partners KLM have launched a hot sale from Budapest to fight off competition from other airlines.

The result means that you can fly via Amsterdam both ways, enjoying the 11+ hours in the air on a brand new A350, all while earning miles on the SkyTeam airline if your choosing. It could be a handy way to earn a bunch of points. I can’t speak for the catering, but based on seat, this is one of the best business class setups in the sky.

The Dates You Can Fly

This sweet suite deal is open for travel from now through the end of the schedule in 2020, meaning you can take it basically whenever you please. The big key is ensuring that you book a connection through Amsterdam that is operated from Amsterdam to Shanghai by China Eastern to enjoy the Airbus A350 with privacy doors. If your dates don’t offer that option, just tinker around.

How To Book And Enjoy

The easiest way to find these deals is to search on Google Flights or Skyscanner and then book with KLM or your preferred online travel agency. Look for the flight deals that say part operated by China Eastern in each direction. Shanghai is loads of fun and the perfect place to start any trip to Asia, so enjoy! Here’s a cool look at the seat as well.

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  1. The longhaul segment seems to be in O class, which earns 0 miles in anything but flyingblue, which only earns 4 miles per dollar. If anyone can advise on this, please let me know. Otherwise, this doesn’t hold too much value other than the seat.

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