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You’re now cleared to skip lines…

TSA PreCheck is great, no doubt – but what if you could skip to the front of the PreCheck line? Now that… would be really cool. Actually, it is really cool, because with CLEAR, you can do just that. CLEAR is the private security partnership taking over airports around the country, saving time on top of time, and for a limited time, you can get a three month free trial to try it for yourself. Risk free, like no strings attached…

a crowd of people in a terminalThe Deal

The 4th of July weekend is one of the busiest, rowdiest travel periods of the year in the US, and CLEAR wants travelers to experience just how awesome their service is for themselves, with no strings attached. We give CLEAR such high praise, because we use it ourselves, and it’s been absolutely wonderful. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of quickly confirming your identity, and then being whisked directly to the front of the TSA line. It’s saved hours, not minutes in airports this year. For a limited time, CLEAR is offering completely free three month trials to rope people in, and registering is shockingly easy.

Sign Up

Simply head over to CLEAR, here. Promotional code HAPPY4TH will get you a completely free three month trial to check out the service and see how it works. This is a no brainer if you live near a CLEAR approved airport, and can save yourself a bunch of time waiting in line during the summer holidays. In fact, you’d be a bit crazy not to – it’s free, after all.

How It Works

CLEAR acts as your ID verification, so you won’t need to pull out your ID for TSA agents. After enrolling at one of the many enrollment centers, or at an airport itself, your eyes and fingerprints are validated. The next time you go through the airport, you just look for the CLEAR lane, scan an eye or your fingers and you’ll be escorted by an agent directly to the front of the queue. Do note, you need TSA PreCheck enrollment to get to jump to the front of the PreCheck lane, if you don’t have it, you’ll just jump to the front of the regular lane. Together, they’re magic.

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