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Call these business class deals: “overnight delight”…

Sunrise is a beautiful thing to witness from the sky, especially after enjoying a good nights sleep in a flat business class bed, with a warm cup of coffee waiting. For long flights, business class is always the dream and today’s round trip deals to Australia starting at $1100 might be just the ticket you’ve been searching for. Here’s how to land a whole lot of comfort, without the painful price tag…

a plane with rows of seatsThe Business Class Deals

Xiamen, Garuda Indonesia and Hong Kong Airlines are offering exceptionally good business class deals for travel to Melbourne or Sydney, putting you right in the heart of Australia’s most buzzing cities. You can jet off with from Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Colombo or Beijing, making this a great opportunity to visit Australia, from almost anywhere in Asia. Need inspiration? Here’s how to spend 48 perfect hours in Sydney, and why Melbourne is somehow still underrated.

Sydney Opera House with pointed roof and stairsThe Travel Dates

Each deal offers slightly different dates, but you’ll find the best availability from October thru December 2018. There are still great offers hanging around in early 2019, but if you want rock bottom lowest prices, 2018 is your year, at least for now! Many of the deals offer same day returns, or only one day minimum stays, but with a destination like Australia, you’ll probably want to stay much longer – and you can. Well, at least within immigration laws!

a woman sitting in a chair with a phone and headphonesHow To Book

You’ve got dates, we’ve got links. We’ve made easy to use Google Flights links, which take you directly to the lowest prices for each deal. All you’ll need to do is change the dates to something that works for you, and follow Google’s supremely easy links to book it yourself. Here are the best round trip business class deals, like: $1175 Hong Kong to Sydney, $1220 Seoul to Melbourne,   $1325 Seoul to Sydney$1340 Shanghai to Sydney, $1400 Beijing to Brisbane$1473 Tokyo to Melbourne and $1580 Colombo to Sydney, Brisbane or Brisbane.

Are you jetting off to Australia in style?

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