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Blade, the app based helicopter ride sharing service (what a crazy world we live in) has been creating conundrums all over the world since the launch of its new airport rides.

In essence, anyone can book a ride between NYC and any of the three main New York airports, in either direction, for $195. It takes a minimum 40 minute ride, and turns it into a 5 minute ride, with borderline priceless views, and absurd novelty value. When you factor in the extortionate amount charged by Uber surge pricing, and pre-booked black car prices, it always felt seriously tempting.

Thanks to a new promo offered directly by Blade, it’s now practically a must.

a helicopter flying over waterThe Blade $75 Discount Offer

Whoever said social media doesn’t lead to anything good certainly hasn’t saved $75 on their helicopter rides between New York and the city’s airports before. A reader got in touch to discuss best options between the airport and NYC, a bit gutted that Blade didn’t seem to be offering service on the Sunday he’d be touching down in the city. Blade responded not only to say that they would have service, but that there’s a lovely $75 off code “AIRSOCIAL” to use toward a first ride.

Naturally, we couldn’t help but test the promo code – and it works flawlessly. It really couldn’t be easier either. You simply select your time, date, airport and flight info and proceed to the payment screen.

a screenshot of a phone

At that point, you’ll have the opportunity to input the AIRSOCIAL promo code, and your total price for an amazing ride between Manhattan and JFK, EWR or LGA will drop down to $120. Again, it’s for your first ride, so don’t get greedy if you’ve already taken one. It won’t work.

This is just an awesome way to tick a bucket list item like flying over NYC in a helicopter off the list. The photos alone have to be worth somewhere near $120, and the convenience of getting to the airport in minutes, even during rush hour makes this pretty damn tempting. Take my money!

Gilbert Ott

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  1. Hey Gilbert,

    I just went on the blade website and didn’t see any availability whatsoever on any date from JFK to anywhere in NYC. I’m arriving at JFK in early June and for $120 why not take a helicopter even if it doesn’t drop me off exactly where I need to go! What route and date date did you find availability on??



    1. Hey Max,

      I find that to be a tricky process as well. Sometimes it shows well on desktop, but not mobile, or vice versa. It’s definitely worth reaching out to them and letting them know. On mobile, I just played around with flights for tomorrow, but I too has trouble getting the calendar to work properly. Hope that helps!

      1. Cool experience! I’ve read that one thing to watch out for is baggage weight, as they have a pretty strict limit. Probably not an issue if you’re a light traveler or coming/going on a short trip.

  2. All the dates are blocked out on all of my devices. tried different browsers. tried the app. tried with an account. tried even with a *different* account.

  3. Code worked for me for a flight in July, thanks so much!

    The trick to be able to book a trip after tomorrow is to select tomorrow in the booking menu and then changing the date manually in the browser’s web adress.

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