Travel is such a wonderful gift, but it’s also a very serious and conscientious decision for most people. Dollars and cents matter; when we buy in relation to pay checks, time of year, vacation time, it all matters. One thing that’s almost worse than buyers remorse is missing an amazing deal, especially when you can pay a fractional price, or even better get business class for less than coach. Why not just hold a ticket without buying it?

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I absolutely love posting and sharing deals. Who wouldn’t want to pay a fraction of the usual price for economy, or pay the same price or less for economy and end up in a luxurious flat bed up front, earning tons of miles the whole way? Deals are amazing and they allow us to not only save money, but travel more. The problem is that most deals require people to act quickly, as the best deals often disappear in mere hours, sometimes less. That puts a LOT of stress on us, the consumer. Do I buy? Are the dates right? Can I afford it? Will my boss or partner chase me around with a stapler?!

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Hold it! You may or may not know that many of the world’s best airlines, and even some online travel agencies allow you to put flights on hold for free, or for less than $10, with some offering up to a solid 72 hours to make a decision. When you hold a fare you guarantee your availability and price, without having to make a fast commitment with your wallet and your time. If acting quickly is your thing, check first, but rest assured, most tickets allow a 24 hour grace period for free cancellation. So how do you hold? Easy, start booking a ticket, find the dates and price you’re interested in, go to book it, and instead of entering payment info just select the hold option. As I mentioned, some will require a modest, but worthwhile fee if you’re very interested, others totally free.

Airlines you can DEFINITELY Hold a Ticket with: American, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, United, Air France, KLM, Emirates, Qatar, Cathay and more. 

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With your reservation on hold, you can take your time, well, 24 or so hours, to do some math, check some dates, get your significant other excited and plan your trip. If you find a better price you can still lock it in with no obligation and if the price skyrockets, you can sleep easily knowing that you’re covered. It’s the best option and the easiest tip to travel better. Hopefully you enjoy both.

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