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Hilton already took care of frequent guests by extending elite status through to 2021 for those whose status was set to expire in 2020, and for those who actually re-qualified, the group extended elite status all the way to 2022! Now, Hilton is making it easier to move up a tier, or two, or three, by counting any stay activity this year for next year.

Hilton Elite Status Qualification Rollover

When you stay at a Hilton booked via or the Hilton app, you earn a night credit. Earn enough night credits and you earn elite status. Earn more nights, earn higher elite status and better perks every time you stay. Now, whatever stays you complete in 2020 will rollover into 2021, making it easier to hit new tiers.

According to Hilton Honors, all stays completed in 2020 will rollover into 2021, giving you almost two years to earn the stays needed to move through the tiers. A Diamond Member with 15 nights at the end of 2020 would rollover all 15 nights into 2021, giving a further 12 months to get the rest of the nights needed to re-qualify until 2023!

All Hilton Honors members who stay at any Hilton-branded hotel between January 1 – December 31, 2020 will have all nights automatically rollover to next year to count towards their 2021-2023 Hilton Honors tier status, when they book through or the Hilton Honors App.”

a room with a large window and a view of a lake and mountainsGreat Hilton News And More

Hilton has been near the top of the loyalty game during the covid-19 crisis, ensuring people don’t feel left out, and actually want to get back to travel when it makes sense for them to do so. The program paused all expiration of points and has extended a few valuable benefits.

Here’s a recap of the Hilton Honors initiatives for travelers so far, like…

  • 2019 Status Extension: All members whose 2019 status was scheduled to be downgraded on March 31, 2020—whether it’s Diamond, Gold or Silver—will automatically receive an extension through March 31, 2021.
  • 2020 Status Extension: We are extending your 2020 member status through March 31, 2022. This means you will continue to enjoy all the Diamond, Gold or Silver benefits you have access to today for 24 months.
  • Points Extension: We will pause the expiration of all Points scheduled to expire between now and December 31, 2020.
  • Weekend Night Rewards Earned on Eligible Hilton Credit Cards: Hilton extended the expiration date of all unexpired Weekend Night Rewards as of March 11, 2020, and all new ones issued until August 30, 2020, through the end of next summer (August 31, 2021).
  • Hilton Honors American Express Credit Cards: Hilton and American Express are offering increased rewards on all cards, including as more points on eligible purchases at U.S. supermarkets and Bonus Points now counting as Base Points to achieve elite status even faster.

Staycations Are Still Vacations

For many travelers, the current thinking is crawl then walk, close then far. For Hilton, with a footprint of thousands of hotels all over the globe, including luxury brands and basic overnight options, that leaves plenty of opportunity. Thanks to staycations and trips closer to home, sometimes via road trip, enjoying a night out doesn’t necessarily mean getting on a plane.

Basically, if your’re still into travel, local hotels and resorts are a lot easier to plan and enjoy right now than many other elements, and if the pool is open, it might be just what the doctor ordered…

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  1. Color me impressed. I’m a bit ambivalent about Hilton, with easy practical status with solid benefits on the plus side and multiple devaluations in concert with no award chart being negative. They certainly did this one right. Hopefully competitors will follow suit.

  2. So, since I’m staying over 60 nights in 2020, does that really mean I’m Diamond through 2023, even with no further activity?

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