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Remember that time Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West collaborated? Unfortunately so do I. When others collaborate, namely hotels and airlines, the music is often far sweeter. Though I am not particularly religious, earning benefits and elite status for less than the usually required amount of sleeping or flying (and spending) makes me sing heavenly hymns. Less travel, less expense, more benefits, more perks. Sounds like a chorus. Airberlin and Hilton can’t be be worse than Kanye and Paul. 

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Hilton is offering a fast track to Gold status which namely includes free internet, early expedited check in, late check out, health club access, upgrades at high end properties, bonus points and a fifth night free to members of Airberlin’s TopBonus program. Good news, anyone can sign up to Airberlin’s TopBonus and reap the rewards of Hilton Gold for just three separate hotel stays by registering for the offer! Compared to the usually required 20 stays or 40 nights for the same status it’s a major steal and as you probably figured out; three stays could logistically be three separate one night reservations at the same hotel. It’s all about being quick on the draw but not too quick. You must register before December 31st and once registered, you have exactly 90 days to log your three stays or three nights before the other shoe drops. It’s that easy. If you haven’t already status matched to Airberlin; create an account, register for the promotion and find the cheapest or best Hilton properties to fit your needs. Who knows, maybe after the challenge they’ll even upgrade you to the underwater suite at the Hilton Maldives…

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The beauty in this is that your hard (hah!) earned status will take you through to the end of 2017 allowing for vacations with benefits for well over a year. I recommend this challenge to anyone with an upcoming holiday/vacation or a need for a long weekend away. You never know when your next vacation might be and earning Hilton’s second highest tier will certainly save money and add excitement to your next trip. Just keep singing my praises for letting you know ; )

As Always, GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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