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These days, loyalty programs feel like a lot more take than give, but Hilton is breaking that mould, with some genuinely positive changes. In short: more ways to earn points from the things you already do, and for now, there’s no “but” involved. Here’s all the good news, and when you can expect it to hit your Hilton Honors account…

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3 Big Hilton Honors Changes For January 9th 2020

Hilton is making it easier to earn more points for your hotel related activities, including removing caps, making it easier to earn more from each stay and perhaps most importantly, making the rules more uniform across all the numerous Hilton brands.

Earn More Points From More Rooms

Over the years, we’ve seen hotel brands cull the number of rooms you can earn points for on a nightly basis. For a family taking three our four rooms, or someone treating their friends to a stay, why should they only get credit for two?

Effective January 9th, 2020, Hilton Honors will allow each member to earn points from up to four (4) rooms at a time. This is great news for anyone who books for friends or family and wants to benefit accordingly…

a red bathtub with flowers in it and a city view from a windowPoints For Hotel Expenses At All Brands

One of the more frustrating elements of any loyalty program is when one rule applies for one chain, and another for another. You can now earn points from incidentals on your Hilton bill across all the Hilton brands, including Hampton Inn, Home2 Suites and Tru.

Not that these brands are commonly cocktail havens or spa breaks, people do need to eat and charge incidentals, so it’s nice to know that you can earn points for any expenses you do incur at all Hilton brands.

Unlimited Points On Each Stay

This applies to the 1% of one percenters, but it’s still a positive change. Hilton has removed maximum points caps across all brands, meaning there’s now no limit to how many points you can earn on any stay. If you happen to be a member of a royal family, or the ruling elite, you are no longer capped at earning 100,000 points at any Hilton brand.

The sky is the limit, at least however high your credit card will allow it to be. With the occasional 4X bonus and promotion, even a moderately high priced stay could potentially earn 100,000 points occasionally, so removing this will encourage big spenders and Diamond elites to go for it…

a man lifting a weight in a roomKeep It Rolling Hilton Honors

It’s fantastic to see changes which reflect easier to understand benefits and loyalty possibilities, and Hilton has managed to do so without breaking a big hair “but” we’re also taking this away footnote. If that holds true, it could be an excellent year for Hilton, after a spotted year in 2019 with a devaluation and consistency woes.

If Hilton can continue to make friendly loyalty concessions without devaluing anything, while also maintaining a generous status match program, they may very well pick up disgruntled customers from across the major brands.

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