a pool with a building and palm trees

Or you could pay 95,000 points per night in a major city. Your choice…

Savvy travel is more than just getting great prices on flights and hotels. It’s about picking a perfect destination with culture, adventure, delicious food and other desirable qualities deserving of your vacation time. And if you’re really clever – finding one without hoards of tourists certainly doesn’t hurt. If you can find one, you’ll not only be rewarded with a great trip, but you’ll also likely enjoy better rates too. These five Hilton Honors properties can be booked for just 10,000 points per night – and offer five star standards you’d be hard pressed to find in many major cities.

a pool with a building and palm treesa pool with a building and palm treesHilton Salalah – Oman

Link: Hilton Salalah

Oman is one of the trending destinations of 2018. It’s not quite on the mainstream tourist radar yet, and for the time being you can book the ridiculously gorgeous Hilton Salalah for just 10,000 points per night. The hotel is directly on the beach and looks like an ornate palace, with an incredible pool. You’ll love it.

a restaurant with a pool and tablesHilton Petaling Jaya – Malaysia

Link: Hilton Petaling Jaya.

Malaysia is consistently one of the best countries for scoring five star hotels under $150 a night. But if you’d prefer to use points, you can score a five star hotel for just 10,000 points per night! The Hilton Petaling Jaya is an excellent city escape with modern, luxury rooms and top quality facilities at every turn.

a room with two beds and a deskDoubletree Agra – India

Link: DoubleTree Agra

India has a reputation for excellent, affordable hotels – but that’s not generally the case in Agra. Home of the Taj Mahal, it’s a perennial favorite, and top properties in the area fetch over $1000 a night. This hotel is far nicer than any DoubleTree you’ll find in the US and is ideally located for venturing around the iconic city, and of course the Taj Mahal.

a city skyline with lights reflecting on waterAdana Hilton SA – Turkey

Link: Adana Hilton SA

Adana is a wonderful Turkish escape, with original Roman bridges, vast mosques, clocktowers and more. With most tourist traffic flocking to Istanbul, this is a great please to beat the crowds and enjoy perfect Turkish weather. At 10,000 points per night, this is a whole lot of luxury.

a room with two beds and a tableRamses Hilton – Egypt

Link: Ramses Hilton

If you’ve seen “The Night Manager” starring Tom Hiddleston, this one may sound familiar. The Ramses Corniche is one of the finest hotels in Cairo, with a pool you’ll have to see to believe. Everything is five star, the staff are impeccably trained and realistically, you’ll have a better experience in this 10,000 point a night hotel than many of the 80,000 point a night options!

Which hotel are you tempted by?

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  1. The Hilton Salalah was 5000 a points a night until very recently which was a amazing redemption but at 10000 its still a good redemption.

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